Vintage Flow Blue Ironstone Fruit Chiller by Victoria Ware

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11.5H x 12.5W x 12.5D

Location: Dallas


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Vintage Flow Blue Ironstone Fruit Chiller by Victoria Ware is a wonderful find!  This particular design was intended to keep fresh fruit chilled and ready to eat right on the table.  Ice water would be placed in the vessel, and the fruit could sit in the upper bowl designed with drain holes to keep the fruit dry while keeping it chilled.  The upper insert was also designed to be easily removed for cleaning.  Both the upper bowl and lower vessel were adorned with rich cobalt blue coloration in the time-honored flow blue process producing an exotic scene that wraps completely around the vessel and on the rim and even inside the bowl.  Two knobs were cast into the design on each side for use with a cradle and also for ease in carrying the piece from kitchen to table, as the extra weight and coldness of the piece when ready to serve made it relatively hard to handle with care.
A faithful reproduction made by the master potters of China.
Circa late 1900s
Measures 11.5H x 12.5W x 12.5D