19th Century French Directoire Style Rafraichissoir ~ Dry Bar

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27.5H x 27.5W x 17D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century French Directoire Style Rafraichissoir ~ Dry Bar is a wonderful example of Belle Epoque ingenuity combined with timeless classical architecture to create a unique piece that once you enjoy for awhile, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!  Hand-crafted from sumptuous cherry wood, brass and luxuriously veined black marble, the design was originally created to perform service as a plant refreshing station.  One could place potted plants in the removable wells that were pre-filled with water to refresh the plants, while a new, larger container was prepared for their replanting.  Of course, lots of other simple house-gardening functions could be performed on the table, which was made with a refined look so that it didn't have to be hidden in the gardener's shed, but could be kept out in the main living area for quick convenience.  Of course, the French being ever-so-resourceful, eventually realized a couple bottles of champagne or white wine could be kept on ice in the wells, making it a great little bar cart.  A huge drawer comes out the side for putting implements of all types, fitted with a simple brass ring pull.  A brass rail with 80% coverage surrounds the marble top to keep things in place, in style of course.  Brass trim at the top of the legs, and capping the feet below adds a nice elegant touch.  A full width shelf below adds attractive convenience as well!
Truly as functional as it is unique!
Circa 1890s
Measures 27.5H x 27.5W x 17D

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