19th Century French Faux Bamboo Armoire

2206-13284D (Click to Inquire About This Item)

90H x 41W x 20D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Faux Bamboo Armoire is a special example of French craftsmanship, designed to emulate Far Eastern designs during the popularity for all things Oriental that occurred in Europe during the period.  This example is a fine expression of the genre, with a tall, neoclassical architecture that provides form for the design.  Featuring a single door which opens to reveal four adjustable shelves and a floor for five storage surfaces, the door has been fitted with a full length mirror to provide a lovely reflection of your room and serve well for dressing.  A large full width drawer below adds to the storage possibilities.  The exterior simulates bamboo by carefully shaping maple to create columns, finials and trim work and combining that with pine panels for a light and airy effect.  Part of a set, the remaining pieces are still available as of this writing.  See Related Products below left.
Circa 1890s
Measures 90H x 41W x 20D