19th Century French Louis XVI Mahogany Armoire with Ormolu

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97H x 68W x 24D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Louis XVI Mahogany Armoire with Ormolu is an exquisite example of the excellence in design and craftsmanship found in Paris during the later years of the 1800s.  Drawing from ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the neoclassical revival presented stately pieces that literally stand the test of time.  Crafted from select imported mahogany, the casework features three sections, the center of which is stepped out from the main body, and which is fitted with a full length beveled mirror to provide a lovely reflection of your room.  Each side door is fronted with finely molded raised panels adorned with bronze castings of floral sprays held with ribbon, but which open to reveal interior mirrors that create a tailor's mirror effect for viewing one's figure from three sides.  Each section is framed by rounded corners fluted to depict bundles of wheat, banded together with bronze ties.  Atop each appears a bronze pomegranate, with the finely molded crown following the casework below including the step-front center section which is also arched and centered with a stunning cast bronze sculpture depicting oak and laurel branches intertwined forming a wreath with sprays.  The bonnet features another horizontal bronze casting of foliates, with accents on the corners of the doors.  Open the three doors and you'll discover a completely original interior with compartmentalized adjustable shelving and three interior drawers.  The entire affair is supported by tapered and fluted legs, and comes apart into component parts so it can be easily transported, carried up narrow stairs and the like, and reassembled in all its glory in your favorite room!
Circa 1890s
Measures 97H x 68W x 24D

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