Grand Antique Italian Renaissance Walnut Triple Armoire

2203-912765A (Click to Inquire About This Item)

88H x 93W x 27D

Location: Dallas


Grand Antique Italian Renaissance Walnut Triple Armoire combines neoclassical architecture inspired by the ancient Greeks and Romans, with hand-carved embellishment inspired by the Renaissance which originated in Italy just after 1500AD.  The boldly molded crown appears over the bonnet centered with an angelic cherub flanked by shell and foliate sprays.  Radiating out from the centerpiece is Greek coin overlay in relief, leading the eye to the rosette atop the corner pilaster, lavished with scrolled foliates and topped with a Doric capital.  Matching pilasters also appear flanking the full length beveled mirror on the center door.  Flanking the columns are the side cabinets, artfully carved with an upper and lower panel, with the tops a mirror image of the bottom carved detailing, centered with a bold relief rosette.  All three doors open to reveal a fully finished interior offering capacious storage.  Three deep drawers with carved facades appear below the upper cabinet, framed by crest carvings, with a fully carved base wrapping all around.  Six lions have been sculpted from solid walnut to create the feet, even appearing at the back of the sides, with the side panels fully finished to create visual appeal from all angles!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 88H x 93W x 27D