19th Century French Louis XV Walnut Confiturier ~ Cabinet

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42H x 39W x 16D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century French Louis XV Walnut Confiturier ~ Cabinet was meticulously hand-crafted and lavished with wood sculpting in the finest traditions of Old World French artisanry!  Although featuring some symmetrical qualities in the design, it still sports the asymmetrical centerpieces of stylized shell, floral and foliate motifs in bold relief appearing on the arbalette apron below and the full-width drawer facade above.  A boldly contoured beveled top was fashioned with a larger than ordinary overhang providing a superb surface even for a piece only sixteen inches deep, a feature that makes it ideal for cozy rooms, hallways, stairwell landings or other passageways and high-traffic zones.  The carved detail appears all across the facade in a naturalistic form celebrating the bounty and beauty of the earth, with the carvings performed directly into the wood, rather than applied on after the casework was completed which is the common method used today.  The rounded cornerposts did not escape the attentions of the sculptor's art, with exquisite asymmetrical shell, floral and foliate motifs on rounded forms which provide a framework for the doors and drawers.  Note even the top is contoured around the form created by the cornerposts, all hand-chamfered by obvious masters of their art.  Doors and drawer open wide to reveal surprising storage for a piece so shallow!
Circa 1890s
Measures 42H x 39W x 16D

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