19th Century French Neoclassical Bar ~ Counter with Carrara Marble Top

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42H x 71W x 21D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Neoclassical Bar ~ Counter with Carrara Marble Top is an incredibly rare find!  Originally designed as a beer and wine bar, it sports its original under-beveled marble top!  A 42" high surface is perfect for serving, and although it was originally set out from the wall like a typical bar, at some point it was converted to be placed against the wall and accessed from the front.  Of course, it would be a simple matter to remove the back panels that were applied then, and "un-convert" it.  The style of the facade has been continued on each side to full effect, with raised & recessed panels and tailored framework topped with a drawer tier that contains three drawers accessed with brass bale pulls & guards.  Pyramidal accent blocks provide visual appeal on the upper tier, but the support mechanism which is comprised of 8 corbels carved in an acanthus plume design that really catch the eye.  A bold base with pediment-style feet provides support.  All three drawers and four cabinet doors and drawers open to reveal surprising storage.  The sheer natural beauty of the old-growth pine is allowed to shine forth thanks to the stripped finish, which blends nicely with the alabaster and subtle light gray tones of the prized Carrara marble top, whose edges are rounded making it very traffic friendly, no matter where it resides!
Circa 1890s
Measures 42H x 71W x 21D

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