Grand Antique French Walnut Louis XIV Marble Top Buffet ~ Sideboard

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41.5H x 96W x 26.5D

Location: Dallas


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Grand Antique French Walnut Louis XIV Marble Top Buffet ~ Sideboard is a masterpiece of the cabinetmaker's art, measuring eight feet in width!  Rendered from sumptuous walnut, it features an intriguing design that comprises four cabinets positioned above a magnificently carved apron which is a work of art unto itself.  The undulating apron stretches the entire width, even wrapping around on each side, and is carved with elaborate shell and foliate motifs.  The apron meets with the cornerposts at the scrolled legs which are tipped with escargots.  Moving up the rounded cornerposts one discovers upturned acanthus plumes leading the eye to the top where floral and foliates appear, all rendered in full relief.  The drawers and cabinet doors are not to be denied, with floral, foliate and scrollwork in tasteful displays that indicate the incredible artistic talents of the sculptor.  Large keyguards, known as ferrures in France, combine with the full length barrel hinges and the drawer bale pulls with flourishes for just the right accent to the facade.  To top off this master work is a sumptuous 3 cm slab of exquisitely veined marble with sienna and wine colorations, beautifully contoured and beveled to follow the lines of the casework below, all performed by the hand of an experienced stone mason.
As of this writing, a matching smaller display buffet from the same set is available if you act fast!  See Related Products below left.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 41.5H x 96W x 26.5D

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