Antique Italian Hand-Painted Marble Top Bombe Commode ~ Cabinet

2004-91274 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

35.5H x 47W x 20D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Italian Hand-Painted Marble Top Bombe Commode ~ Cabinet at first glance appears to be a chest of drawers, but is actually a two door cabinet!  Of course one could still use it for storing clothes, but it also makes a great choice for any room, able to store anything in style!  The subtle curvaceous bombe form includes serpentine sides, and boldly scrolled front cornerposts fitted with full-height, finely detailed brass mounts.  These mounts protect the corners from the top to the tip of the feet, and add a beautiful touch as well.  The top is a luxuriously veined selection of neutral-colored gray marble that has been meticulously contoured and hand-beveled to follow the lines of the casework below.  The facade, however, steals the show with three works of art expressed by an obviously talented painter on each side and spanning the two doors in front.  Musical instruments, a music score, floral garlands, bouquets, and elaborate scrollwork have been painted onto the facade which consists of walnut contrasting with satinwood for an exquisite contrast.  The apron features elegant scrollwork accented with gold and a painted floral spray.  What a wonderful choice to add storage, a display surface, and a style statement all its own!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 35.5H x 47W x 20D

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