Antique Liegoise Louis XIV Step-Front Buffet

2304-1822 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

40H x 73W x 22D

Location: Baton Rouge


Antique Liegoise Louis XIV Step-Front Buffet is a timeless design that combines the best of the neoclassical architecture inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, melded with the elegant and naturalistic Baroque-inspired carved detail that was so revered during the reign of the Sun King, builder of Versailles!  This design features an intriguing step front center section, stepped out at 45 degree angles that match the angles of the corners, meaning that although the measuring tape says 22" deep, the piece's impact on your traffic pattern in the room is dramatically minimized.  Bold molding detail appears from the very top of the spacious serving surface, all the way down to the handsome base molding just above the bun feet.  In between, we see the three drawers accented with an intertwined scroll motif, with complementary scrolls appearing on the mitered cornerposts as well as the main cabinet doors which also feature prominent scallop shells, all rendered in artistic relief.  Doors and drawers open to reveal capacious storage, only adding to the allure.  Hand-crafted from solid oak to literally last for centuries!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 40H x 73W x 22D