Directoire Period French Cherry Wood Marble Top Buffet

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41H x 46W x 19D

Location: Dallas


Directoire Period French Cherry Wood Marble Top Buffet represents an interesting period of French history, when Napoleon Bonaparte was deposed and a Directory was put in place to head the government in the vacuum produced by his departure.  Styles were born during that era that were uniquely French, with tailored, rectilinear designs and simplistic embellishments such as inlaid diamond forms as seen on the cabinet doors of this magnificent example.  Hand-crafted from solid cherry wood, harvested from old trees that no longer bore fruit, and seasoned to create exquisite, long lasting family heirlooms.  Tailored molding defines the top edge, just underneath a slab of elegant black marble that creates a carefree yet opulent surface.  Simple panel construction defines the visible facade, with cornerposts that are tapered then flared into integral block shaped feet.  Inset brass key guards are the only other added adornment, allowing the sheer natural beauty of the aged cherry wood with its exquisite patina.  The inlay appears to be ebonized walnut.  Doors open wide to reveal a capacious interior space with two interior drawers for added convenience.  Note the hand-hewn planks that were used to create the back side!
Circa 1790-1810
Measures 41H x 46W x 19D