19th Century Copper Coal Scuttle with Scoop

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13H x 21W x 12D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Copper Coal Scuttle with Scoop is an exceptional artifact from a bygone era, when hand-made items were the rule, not the exception!  Crafted by a talented metalsmith from solid copper, it features a shape good for both coal or kindling, and includes a metal pocket hidden inside into which one can store the original hand-crafted scoop.  Fleur de lys forms were used as anchoring plates on the sides, fixed by hand with copper rivets, ino rder to attach the copper handle.  Another copper handle fitted via a mounting plate, allows one to grasp the entire affair with both hands.  At the middle of both handles is a finely turned wooden grip to facilitate dispensing.  Flared copper base keeps it upright and ready for use 24/7!
Circa 1870s
Measures 13H x 21W x 12D;
Scoop measures 4.5H x 14W x 5D