19th Century Gilt Bronze Mirrored Plateau

2002-912500E (Click to Inquire About This Item)

16 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Gilt Bronze Mirrored Plateau is a marvel of the Napoleon III period, and reflects the opulence of the age with elaborate and intricate embossing in a variety of nature-inspired motifs with heraldic crests strategically interspersed into the design.  The original beveled mirror surface shows period-correct age in the silvering.  Such pieces were used atop surfaces to highlight a particular keepsake or work of art, serving as a protective base upon which that item could rest.  At some point in this piece's history, a clever person attached bars in the back so it could be, if one so desired, mounted on the wall.  The bars were designed such that it could still perform its original function as a plateau as well!  The original gold finish has achieved a lovely patina over the century and a half.
Circa 1860s
Measures 16 in diameter