Mid-Century Hand-Blown Glass Centerpiece Bowl

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3.5H x 14 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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Mid-Century Hand-Blown Glass Centerpiece Bowl was created by the master glass crafters of Venice, Italy, and features an intriguing spiral of color infused into the glass while still very hot and pliable, creating the intriguing pattern you see in the photos.  Such pieces require skills, talent and a very steady hand while working the extremely hot glass and molding it into works of art.  Although Venetian glassmaking in factories existed as far back as the 8th Century, it became concentrated in Murano by law, beginning in 1291. Since glass factories often caught fire, this removed much of the possibility of a major fire disaster for the city. Venetian glassmakers developed secret recipes and methods for making glass, and the concentration of Venice's glassmaking on the island of Murano enabled better control of those secrets.
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 3.5H x 14 in diameter