Pair 19th Century Bronze Candlesticks with Angels ~ Napoleon III Period

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27H x 15W x 9D

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century Bronze Candlesticks with Angels hail from the Napoleon III Period, and feature stunning angels on elaborately detailed tripod bases acting as caryatids for the candelabras above, each depicting a floral bouquet in full bloom.  The amazing detail which is exhibited can only be realized with close scrutiny.  The angels are not duplicates, but mirror images of each other, with respectful, contemplative poses and countenances.  The bases consist of two tiers, the uppermost resembling elaborate draperies with bold scrolled embellishments, set upon a tripod base with a scalloped form adorned with scrollwork, and providing a very stable base for the work above.  Each angel can hold a single candle, or the amazingly lifelike floral bouquet can be inserted, providing multiple candlestick accommodations which, when lit, will provide an unforgettable ambiance to the room.  The detail which is exhibited in the floral bouquets is absolutely amazing!
Circa 1870s
Each measures 27H x 15W x 9D fully assembled.