Pair 19th Century Renaissance Revival Bronze Candlesticks

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26H x 9W x 9D

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century Renaissance Revival Bronze Candlesticks are a wonderful example of the transition from the ancient Gothic style to the blossoming Renaissance with its celebration of life and all creation, as well as mankind's artistic ascendancy.  Created on a sectional design, it features a solid cast pierced bobeche on top to hold the pillar candle, with spiral column leading halfway down to a finely detailed segment ring, then another spiral column connected to the elaborately and artfully cast tripod base.  Such very decorative candlesticks recall a time prior to electric lighting, when candles were indispensable sources of light for all  households, yet only those most affluent ones would be able to afford such fine examples.  In many cases, such exquisitely artistic candlesticks would be donated to local churches for all the parishioners to appreciate and enjoy!
If you act fast, an identical twin pair is available as of this writing, sold separately.  See Related Products below left.
Circa 1870s
Each measures 26H x 9W x 9D