Vintage French Medieval Knight's Helmet in Brass

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15H x 10W x 14D

Location: Dallas


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Vintage French Medieval Knight's Helmet in Brass is a marvelous recreation of a period artifact.  Hand-crafted by an obviously skilled artisan who clearly studied an original extensively, it was fashioned by hand in brass and nickel-plated brass to a remarkable degree of detail.  The crest along the top of the helmet provides rigidity and all seams are expertly welded, with decorative brass florets riveted in place by hand.  The eye visor is mounted on swivels to the knight could flip it open when not in battle or jousting.  The entire affair is split longitudinally and held in place with an eye hook which allowed it to be opened and easily placed on one's head.  The flared collar with brass trim helps spread out the weight of the device to one's shoulders.  There's even a mount in the back which would hold decorative flags or plumes.  Amazing detail for the connoisseur and collector!
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 15H x 10W x 14D