Vintage Restaurant Sidewalk Chalkboard

2201-9123019 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

33H x 18W x 19D (when deployed)

Location: Dallas


Vintage Restaurant Sidewalk Chalkboard is a charming fixture along the city streets in Paris and across France, where small family owned restaurants write out the daily specials and menu items and set the chalkboard along the sidewalk to attract diners.  Such items are also used by shop owners to advertise daily or weekly specials, and can be updated easily with nothing more than a damp rag and a piece of chalk!  The "A" frame support tucks back in for storage behind the door at the close of business, ready to place back outside the next day.  Imagine using this when entertaining to let your guests know what culinary delights to expect for the evening's repast!
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 33H x 18W x 19D (when deployed)