19th Century Country French Cabinet ~ Nightstand

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33H x 21W x 13.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Country French Cabinet ~ Nightstand is an unusual example of the breed, obviously custom-ordered for a special room and a special client!  Sculpted from solid French walnut, it speaks to a more gentile era, when prized pieces like this, although diminutive in size, were cherished by a family for generations.  The love of music is expressed in glorious relief carving across the entire front facade, which also happens to sport a pair of cabinet doors for unfettered access to the surprising storage within.  Uncharacteristically, the sole drawer accesses from the side, and is carved with wildflowers just as are the rounded cornerposts and the main apron in the front, celebrating the natural beauty of the French countryside.  Four graceful cabriole legs carved with acanthus plumes provide support, and the piece is finished all around, making it a good alternative choice as a seating group companion in any room, in any part of the room.  A subtle scrolled rail protrudes above the top surface, just enough to keep small objects from drifting over the edge, and providing a bit more visual appeal in the process.  Escargot feet complete the look.
Circa 1880s
Measures 33H x 21W x 13.5D