19th Century French Krieger Louis XVI Mahogany Nightstand

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33.5H x 15.5W x 14.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Krieger Louis XVI Mahogany Nightstand was crafted by some of the most talented hands ever to produce furniture the world over.  The Krieger family was considered to be in the top five of Parisienne makers during the Belle Epoque, which was in turn considered by experts to be the literal golden age of furniture crafting.  Only the best could compete on such a level in Paris during the waning years of the 19th century, and Krieger was certainly one of them!  The stately neoclassic lines of this neoclassically inspired work of art ensure its timelessness, with elegant tapered and fluted legs and fine veneering patterns on the panels enhanced by intricately detailed cast bronze ormolu mounts from the elegance of the original marble top to the reeds inside the flutes of the columns, to the rosettes on the plinths.
A truly once-in-a-lifetime find!
Circa 1890
Measures 33.5H x 15.5W x 14.5D