19th Century French Louis XV Walnut Marble Top Nightstand

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50H x 17W x 17D; surface 32H

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Louis XV Walnut Marble Top Nightstand is a classic example of the genre, rendered in sumptuous French walnut and topped with beautifully veined marble for a timeless effect.  The front facade has been masterfully carved directly into the cabinet door with relief depictions of flowers and scrolled foliage.  A rosebud appears on the apron below, emulating the floral sprays above on the drawer.  The four cabriole legs have been graced with carved detail, adorned with stylized shells and acanthus plumes on the shoulders and escargots on the tips of the feet.  Cast brass knobs add a nice accent, and the cabinet door drops open to reveal an additional porcelain-lined storage compartment, augmenting that of the drawer above.  An added visual flourish is the backsplash, fitted with two candle shelves, useful in the days before the proliferation of electric lighting.  The backsplash is executed in typical French flair with Rococo-inspired carved detail.  Finished on all sides, it is suitable not only as a bedside companion, but also in other rooms as an end table or side table in a seating group, making a great spot for a lamp with a drawer for remote controls and a cabinet for books and magazines.
Circa 1880s
Measures 50H x 17W x 17D; surface 32H

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