18th Century Carved & Painted Symbolic Christian Plaque

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25H x 23.5W x 3.5D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Carved & Painted Symbolic Christian Plaque will make a unique and special addition to your devotional display!  Hand-carved from fruitwood around the time of the founding of our nation, it was sculpted by a talented artisan depicting various examples of symbolism from the Christian faith.  Foliates form the letters that appeared on the plaque placed on the cross, with the cross itself also represented using the same imagery.  Three arrows represent the Holy Trinity, while all are set on a backdrop of a sunburst design alluding to the Divine Light.  The work is set on a coin-like circular background and is enhanced by a gold finish.  Underneath the coin are bundles of wheat and clusters of grapes symbolizing the Holy Communion and Last Supper, with gold highlighting on a gray background which enhances the sculpted detail.
Circa 1770s
Measures 25H x 23.5W x 3.5D