19th Century French Gothic Sacrament Cabinet

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26.5H x 40W x 10.5D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Gothic Sacrament Cabinet was artfully sculpted from solid oak and fruitwood to create a remarkable religious artifact designed to be appreciated throughout the ages!  The trapezoidal form of the casework is in keeping with the Gothic style, which historians concur originated in the Cathedral of St. Denis during the middle of the 12th century.  Boldly molded crown follows the complex contours and overlooks the case below which features a single door flanked by cornerposts that feature pilasters facing front as well as the sides, with recessed arched panels topped with recessed circular frames above filled with carved rosettes highlighted in gold.  The arched recesses facing the front are also filled with carved floral and wheat motifs also highlighted in gold, representing the Bread of Life.  The door panel, however, steals the show, with a gloriously carved relief work depicting both wheat and fully laden grapevines adding the significance of the Blood of Christ, set in a recessed quatrefoil and surrounded by foliates, framework, and an outer frame of highlighted beading.  The door opens to reveal an embroidered panel depicting the Lamb of God resting on a cross above a sunburst motif, with a gimped bordering held in place by star-shaped brass tacks.
Circa 1850s
Measures 26.5H x 40W x 10.5D

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