18th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Buffet

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39H x 44W x 18.5D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Buffet is a fascinating combination of Renaissance-inspired carved detail contrasting with pyramidal forms appearing on each cabinet door.  Hand-sculpted from solid Italian walnut, it is of relatively diminutive size making it useful in places where typical pieces from this period are too large.  Bold molding detail defines the solid plank top, separates the drawer tier from the cabinets, and provide a solid base.  The base is supported by lions' paws feet, and above the base molding appears a frieze of elaborate foliates with a hint of ribbon at the center.  Above the frieze are the two boldly molded cabinet doors with a centered diamond pyramid flanked by triangular pyramids on each corner.  The right door is fitted with a steel key guard, and are flanked by corner posts lavishly carved with urns, foliates and floral bouquets in a majestic display of artistry.  The doors open to reveal two surfaces and surprising storage for a piece so shallow.  Above the doors is the drawer tier, with two spacious, sturdily built drawers fitted with key guards that match the cabinet below, with three crest carvings dividing and flanking the drawers.  The hand-forged lockworks appear to be original, making this wonderful selection an instant family heirloom you'll cherish for generations!
Circa 1780s
Measures 39H x 44W x 18.5D

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