19th Century French Gothic Confiturier ~ Petit Buffet

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36.5H x 27W x 24.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Gothic Confiturier ~ Petit Buffet is a particularly splendid example of the style that was revived during the reign of Napoleon III during the middle of the 1800s, but actually dates back to the middle of the 12th century!  The angled bevel of the edging around the solid plank top is the first hint of the style, leading the eye to the topmost tier which consists of a full width drawer accessed by hidden finger grooves underneath the apron lip.  The drawer facade is sculpted with a mesmerizing geometric molding design which includes complex rosettes and quatrefoils, flanked by plinth blocks mounted with intriguing four-pointed rosettes.  These in turn appear over what one assumes are the cornerposts, which are defined by tailored, faceted full columns which are in fact attached to the front facade, the entirety of which comprises the cabinet door.  Centered on the door is a lavishly designed framed panel with arched spires and foliate forms included in the unabashedly Gothic styling.  A full surround trim molding and tailored base provide support, with a simplicity of style that is extended to each of the side panels.  Door and drawer open wide to accommodate surprising storage, while the stripped oak reveals the natural patina and beauty of the wood that has been attained only by the passage of soon-to-be two centuries of time.
Circa 1840s
Measures 36.5H x 27W x 24.5D

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