19th Century French Gothic Oak Buffet

2004-96288 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

39H x 54W x 18D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Gothic Oak Buffet is a marvel of hand-worked craftsmanship and the sculptor's art, all in one piece!  Rendered from old-growth oak, it features linenfold panels on each side, with mitered corners leading the eye to the central focal point of four sculpted relief works depicting what appears to be a knight and three architects or builders.  The figures are each set in individual arched colonnades to produce perspective.  The carvings are separated by a half column, and framed by columns on the cornerposts, and another pair on the back corners, each of which is different from its adjacent half-column.  Rosettes appear on the geometrically designed apron below.  Note the squared pegs in the mortise & tenon joints.  Doors open wide for copious storage possibilities!
Circa 1840s
Measures 39H x 54W x 18D
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