19th Century French Renaissance Revival Hunt Buffet

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39H x 84W x 23D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Renaissance Revival Hunt Buffet represents a spectacular example of the glorious revival of the Renaissance that occurred during the middle of the century all across Europe, inspired by the monarchy of Napoleon III.  This example is particularly stunning, celebrating the spoils of the hunt as well as the many blessings we are fortunate to enjoy, rendered by a master wood sculptor in vivid full relief.  Although the tape measure records just under two feet in maximum depth, that occurs only on the base molding trim of the projecting pilasters in front, and with the generously rounded sides, the piece is much more traffic-friendly that the raw specifications would indicate.  A full seven feet in width, it has been carved across the entire facade, starting with a meticulously gadrooned edge with a repeating demilune fletching pattern, all rendered by hand just like all the rest of the carvings.  Just below, four drawers have been provided, with the two central doors being of regular configuration, and the left and right drawers following the roundness of the sides, and fitted with pivoting hinges.  Each of the four drawers are lavished with beautiful fully laden grapevines with leaves at the center projecting out to serve as the drawer pull.  All four drawers are flanked by vertical rosettes for definition.  Under the two most prominent rosettes are caryatid style pilasters with a male and female figure atop architectural devices adorned with flowers, all resting on pediments below that blend with the bold base molding.  The cabinet doors, however, are literal works of art in their own right, even considered individually.  Although the rounded right and left cabinet door panels both depict incredible abundances of fruit staged as if hung by flowing ribbon in an oval framework, each panel is a different composition.  The uniqueness of the two center door panels is immediately apparent even though both glorify the hunt, with the left side a hare amongst oak leaves and acorns, and the right fish set upon a background of plants found near the waterside.  Each of the four oval sculptures are beautifully framed by the cabinet door moldings, of course.  The doors all open wide to reveal capacious storage, and the top surface is generous enough to serve a wide variety of daily needs.  Painstakingly stripped to retain the patina achieved over a century and a half, while revealing the natural beauty of the old-growth oak to create a soft visual effect that is incredibly captivating!
Circa 1850s
Measures 39H x 84W x 23D
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