19th Century Gothic Revival Buffet ~ Credenza ~ Sideboard

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39.5H x 70.5W x 21D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Gothic Revival Buffet ~ Credenza ~ Sideboard is a remarkable example of the era, when Napoleon III revisited all the glory of French architecture and design compressed into a couple of decades!  This example, rendered from old growth oak with pegged mortise & tenon joinery, features the tailored molding of the style contrasting with the elaborate geometric and naturalistic carved detail that is the hallmark of the style, which had its origins in the middle of the 12th century in St. Denis.  One horizontally oriented linenfold panel appears above two vertically oriented linenfold panels on each side, accented by a spiral cornerpost and corbel-style feet that extend across the entire facade.  The cabinetry is intriguing, with typical doors below drawers on the outside, but with a taller, larger center cabinet topped with a pull-out surface.  The drawers are accessed with braces of heart-shaped pulls, with a simple ring pull on the center surface.  The three doors are separated by triangular Gothic columns and spires, with all doors hung with finely forged steel strap hinges then fitted with steel key guards.  Family crests on shields are centered on the outboard doors against a backdrop of intricate colonnade designs.  The center door departs from this convention with stylized scrollwork and grape clusters creating an intriguing visual accent.  Doors and drawers open to reveal abundant storage, which combined with the generous surface makes this piece as useful as it is visually distinctive!
Circa 1870s
Measures 39.5H x 70.5W x 21D

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