19th Century Liegoise Renaissance Revival Cabinet ~ Confiturier

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38.5H x 29.5W x 22D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Liegoise Renaissance Revival Cabinet ~ Confiturier is a remarkably styled piece with amazing carved detail for such a relatively diminutive size!  Hand-crafted from solid old-growth oak, including a single plank serving as the top, it features bold molding detail with carved embellishments that are stylized interpretations of Renaissance themes.  The region is well known for its incredible craftsmanship dating back centuries, and has been a magnet for talented artisans for all those years.  The corbel style feet have been carved, leading the eye to the repeating vine carving across the entire base molding.  Above in front is a colonnade design, above which is the finely contoured framework for the main cabinet door carving, which is flanked by half-columns on each cornerpost carved from top to bottom.  A demilune traverse separates the cabinet from the intricately carved drawer facade, fitted with a single large wooden pull.  An excellent choice for a cozy niche, storage in any room, or even a bedside companion!  Painstakingly stripped using our proprietary process which retains the natural patina of the wood, it will blend magnificently with today's more casual decors.
Circa 1870s
Measures 38.5H x 29.5W x 22D