Antique Gothic Revival Petite Cabinet

2303-12806 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

46H x 22W x 14D

Location: Dallas


Antique Gothic Revival Petite Cabinet is a truly unusual find!  Originally designed for the music room, it features a cabinet below with a single adjustable shelf for sheet music and miscellaneous instrument parts and accessories, plus an open shelf above that sports a top that is hinged in the back, allowing one to use it as a stand for the musical instrument itself!  Violins, horns and woodwinds can be easily rested there ready for use, and the top laid back down when not in use.  The top as well as the cabinet below feature mitered corners to remove sharp corners entirely, and in between half columns appear on the corners carved with wheat motif.  The upper display area is framed by pierce-carved geometric forms in the Gothic manner, complemented by the cabinet door panel below with an exquisite rendering reminiscent of a stained glass window design.  A finely configured steel key guard provides additional accent, with the door opening to reveal the storage inside, with the adjustable shelf.  Chamfered panels backing the upper tier and each side complete the look.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 46H x 22W x 14D