19th Century Renaissance Revival Buffet ~ Vaisselier

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83H x 62W x 24D; surface 39H

Location: Dallas


19th Century Renaissance Revival Buffet ~ Vaisselier is a masterpiece of the wood sculptor's art!  Designed to provide display, serving space and storage, it is a visual feast from the crown above the top shelf to the base molding near the floor.  The crown consists of three distinct tiers of ornamentation, with the lower centered with a heart that is flanked by elaborate foliate relief wrapping around the sides as is the case with all the ornamentation detailing below.  The upper and middle shelves feature a laurel edge treatment with arched trim creating an apron.  The shelves are suspended by corbels on each end carved to depict angels in flight.  Between the angels on both tiers are finely carved panels side by side, sized appropriately to the space allotted.  A gadrooned edge wraps around the serving surface, below which appears the full width drawer centered with a lion's head pull flanked by full relief foliate carvings, and bracketed by lions' heads as corbels.  The two cabinets below the drawer, however, create a stunning focal point with full relief lions' heads centered on the panels with mythical creatures, scrollwork and foliates creating a framework.   Two noble gentlemen are carved into the corbels that form the cornerpieces, with exquisitely carved base molding finishing the visual effect.  Drawer and cabinets open wide to provide copious storage!
Circa 1850s
Measures 83H x 62W x 24D; surface 39H

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