Antique Grandfather Clocks

Also referred to as Antique Long Case Clocks, the cases appear to have developed over time first to protect the clockworks during transportation and later to identify and “brand” the maker. Much to the benefit of Antique Clock aficionados, the designs of Antique Clock Cases have never ceased to evolve and branch out into differing areas, some being incredible masterworks and others being whimsical glimpses into life in a bygone era.   Inessa Stewart’s Antiques Wholesale Antique Furniture Stores!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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19th Century French Walnut Art Nouveau Long Case Clock

19th Century French Walnut Art Nouveau Long Case Clock represents the epitome of graceful elegance, with shapely casework, a display shelf below, and corbels springing from the clockface surround above.  Fine molded detail shows obvious influence from the Art Nouveau movement in France.  A heart-shaped pendulum window completes the look. Circa 1890s...
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Antique Gothic Walnut Long Case Clock

This Antique Gothic Walnut Long Case Clock features stately, timeless lines, with castellations on the crown, pyramidal panels below, extraordinarily detailed ironwork across the entire facade and bold molding providing an apt framework for the entire case!  The enamel dial with Roman numerals faces the clock that was made by master craftsmen in Milano,...
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Antique French Gothic Long Case Clock

Found in Brittany, France, this amazing Antique French Long Case Clock boasts incredible hand-carved detail across its entire facade!  Just an inch under eight feet tall, it boasts its original Morbier movement with an exquisite embossed brass rural scene surrounding the porcelain dial. Circa 1870s. Measures 95H x 17W x 10.5D (NOTE:  Although clocks are...
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Antique French Louis XVI Style Long Case Clock

From the master artisans of Picardie comes this elegant Country French clock, styled with the signature rounded clockwork housing at top with belled base at bottom, all sculpted from dense, old-growth French white oak. Hand-carved embellishments delight the visual senses, from the urn finial to the dentil molding to the intriguing beaded "floating" trim...

19th Century Country French Long Case Clock

19th Century Country French Long Case Clock with painted & embossed dial face and pendulum is a charming way to keep track of the march of time.  This example has works produced by Berraud of London, with the case being made in Gy.  Always reserved for a place of honor in the home, such clocks were frequently the only source of timekeeping in the...