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Literally perfect for every single room, the occasional table can range from an antique game table to an antique lamp table, and everything in between. We even have antique carpenter’s work benches in this category that make superb rustic sofa tables. From rustic to formal, from gilded to wrought iron, our antique end table selection is without peer!


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Set of 4 Barley Twist Nesting Tables

This handsome Set of 4 Barley Twist Nesting Tables is the perfect answer to a cozy setting.  When one needs only one table, voila!  When one needs extra tables to spread around the seating groups, or even into other rooms, voila again!  Hand-crafted from solid French oak to last for generations! Circa early 1900s Measures Largest measures 26H x 22.5W x...
$825   $1,650
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Tea Serving Table

The ever-popular custom of serving tea to guests continues to this day, and Tea Serving Tables like this are ideal for the pastime!Circa 1920Measures 35H x 26.5W x 13.5D

Chippendale Octagonal End Table

This European interpretation of the Chippendale style is either Dutch or Belgian, and features an octagonal carved top mated with the scrolled legs typical of the genre.Circa 1890-1900 Measures 30H x 27.5W x 28.5D

Antique Louis XVI Giltwood Marble Top Table

Add elegance to any room with this classic oval occasional table, hand-crafted in the Louis XVI style then given a gold finish and Cararra marble top for the ultimate in carefree opulence. Tapered & fluted legs connected with bowed stretchers provide support. Circa 1890s. Measures 30 x 28 x 21.
$1,188   $1,980
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Country French Triangular End Table

Country French Triangular End Table Measures 27H x 36W x 24D Circa 1890
$748   $1,495
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Chippendale End Table

This Chippendale End Table is perfect for most any seating group! Measures 24H x 20W x 20D Circa early 1900s
$348   $695
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Octagonal Marble Top End Table

Octagonal Marble Top End Table Measures 26H x 33W x 27W Circa 1930.
$1,233   $1,897
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Pair Country French Nightstands/End Tables

This unique pair of nightstands will also make exceptional choices as end tables for your casual decor, each offering a two-tiered surface, a drawer, and delightful Country French styling!  The size is larger than similar pieces from this era, making them even more user-friendly in today's decors.  Note the carved embellishment on the sides and especially...
$1,749   $2,498
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Antique French Gothic Bursar's Table

Used to disburse payroll, and hand-crafted from solid French oak. Lockable compartments and flip-top add versatility. Circa 1850s. Measures 29H x 41W x 23D; opens to 46W.
$1,470   $2,450
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Antique Chippendale Marble Top End Table

This Antique Chippendale Marble Top End Table was crafted with simple lines accentuated by scrolled shoulders atop subtly scrolled legs tipped with talon and ball feet.  The luxurious black marble top, however, steals the show! Circa 1900-1910. Measures 22.5H x 20 in diameter
$690   $985
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Antique Louis XV Marquetry Nightstand

Utilizing a variety of exotic woods, the talented artisans of France produced this nightstand in the Louis XV style, inlaid it with intriguing patterns, then topped it with rouge marble fitted with a pierced brass rail to complement the bronze mounts on the cabriole legs and apron. An elegant way to accessorize, it provides the ideal platform to serve...
$990   $1,650
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Antique French Louis XV Walnut Painted End Table

Sculpted from select French walnut, this Antique French Louis XV End Table is a wonderful example of the rococo style with classic cabriole legs and hand-carved naturalistic themes.  The light visual weight of the patinaed painted finish makes it perfect for any seating group or even at the bedside! Circa 1880s. Measures 29H x 24W x 17D
$897   $1,495
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Louis XIV End Table

Meticulously hand-crafted from solid old growth oak, this handsome round end table, or gueridon, boasts four scrolled legs with nicely detailed carvings, complementing the carved apron.Circa 1880Measures 28.5H x 23.5 in diameter
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Octagonal End Table

Featuring spooled legs and a carved octagonal top, this Antique Lamp Table was hand-crafted from solid oak. Circa 1900-1910Measures 26.5H x 21 in diameter

18th Century Rustic Country French Table

Perfect for a rustic seating group or as a bedside companion, this Antique Rustic Country French Table was rendered from old-growth oak by rural European country artisans, and features a drawer with railed top which helps to keep things on the table where they belong.  Note the pegged mortise & tenon joinery! Circa 1790s. Measures 24.5H x 28W x 20D
$383   $798
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Antique French Louis XVI Marble Top Gueridon

Hand-crafted from fine French walnut, this Antique French Louis XVI Marble Top Gueridon, or lamp table, features Cararra marble and a spiral ribbon-adorned apron supported by tapered, carved and fluted column legs.  Perfect for a cozy seating group! Circa 1890s. Measures 31H x 14 in diameter
$998   $2,495
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Antique Rustic Louis XVI End Table

This Antique Rustic Louis XVI End Table was crafted from solid old growth oak to last for generations, and the rural artisans that created it emulated the classical Louis XVI style with the combination of tapered and carved column legs, and a fluted apron all around trimmed with spiral ribbon and accented with olive branches. Circa 1870s. Measures 26.5H...
$891   $1,980
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Antique French Louis XVI Lamp Table

This Antique French Louis XVI Lamp Table, called a Gueridon in France, is perfect for cozy seating groups, with its round shape eliminating sharp edges and a surface just right for a lamp or perhaps a sculpture or vase.  This example features tapered legs and a floral treatment on the apron, trimmed with spiral ribbon on the top's edge. Circa 1900....
$399   $798
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19th Century Italian Louis XV Giltwood Table

Hand-crafted in the rococo manner as only master Italian artisans can perform, this elegant table features a silk top covered with glass supported by a graceful serpentine-shaped apron which in turn is supported by four cabriole legs connected with scrolled stretchers centered with a lovely stylized shell carving. Circa 1890s. Measures 27.5H x 34.5W x 24.5D.
$1,238   $2,750
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Antique Ebonized English Lamp Table

Featuring exquisite hand-painted floral sprays on its top and on the tripod base, this interesting Antique Ebonized English Lamp Table is supported by three pairs of columns and has been given an ebonized finished for a timeless look.  Perfect for any formal seating group! Circa 1870s. Measures 21H x 16 in diameter 
$272   $495
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English end table

English end table Measures 30H x 30.5W x 21.5D Circa 1900
$990   $1,980
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Antique Rustic Slide-Top End Table

Hand-crafted from dense, old-growth European white oak to last for centuries, this table features a no-nonsense style including tapered and subtly flared legs, dovetailed drawer front, and a sliding top with guides to allow full access to the interior. The perfect place to hide valuables, its solid plank top also provides an excellent seating group or...
$583   $1,295
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19th Century Rustic Country French Walnut Table

Hailing from Provence, this rustic 19th Century Country French table was built from solid walnut by rural artisans who meant for it to last for generations, using techniques like pegged mortise & tenon joinery. Handsomely turned legs connected with the classic \"H\" stretcher provide support, with a solid French walnut plank top poised to provide...
$780   $1,950
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Country French End Table

Hand-crafted from solid oak, this handsome Country French end table features hand-carved accents in the Regence style, with four gracefully scrolled cabriole legs for added visual appeal. Circa early 1900s Measures 22.5H x 24W x 16D
$449   $898
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