Antique Chandeliers

Often the first thing one notices upon entering a room, centered and serving as the primary source of light, is the antique chandelier. From masterpieces in bronze to rustic wrought iron, antique chandeliers provide a singular design statement as well as illuminate the room. Some carved wood antique chandeliers are particularly intriguing.


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Country French Wrought Iron Chandelier

Intricately wrought from solid red-hot iron, this amazing Country French Chandelier is suspended by a network of chains that mount to the crown aove, wrought with the same scroll motifs as the main body. Chandelles are seated atop treble clef scrolls.Circa early 1900sMeasurements available after arrival

Rococo Brass Chandelier

Beautifully draped with cut crystals, this Rococo Cast Brass Chandelier was hand-crafted by master Italian metalsmiths, and survives with a length of chain and its original canopy.  Fully electrified, it is the perfect choice for adding flair and ambiance to your room! Fixture measures 32H x 29 in diameter; 43H with chain & canopy Circa 1950s
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Antique Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier

Designed for wax candles, this Antique Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier was forged from red-hot iron and features arms that remove from the main body to aid in cleaning off the dripped wax that tends to accumulate.  Cleverly electrified, it is the perfect choice for the casual or Country French decor! Circa 1800-1810. Fixture measures 22H x 33 in...
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Painted Wrought Iron Chandelier

This Vintage Painted Wrought Iron Chandelier is the perfect thing to add a Country French touch to your room.  Wired to UL Standards, it boasts faux wax candle sleeves.  The intricate scrollwork and acanthus leaf ornamentation create a lively look that will illuminate your room with flair and finesse! Circa early 1900s. Fixture measures 33H x 25 in...
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Forged Iron Chandelier

Forged from red-hot iron, this intriguing Country French Chandelier glorifies the rose, arguably one of mankind's favorite flowers!  Note the artistry with whick the sculptor has created the stems, leaves and of course the blossoms.  Twisted rods provide connecting points between the lower and upper hoop, all the way to the crown.  What a truly special...
$1,118   $2,795
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Antique French Gothic Chandelier

Crafted in France in 19th century with intricately cast arms that support two tiers of lights, this superb Gothic style solid brass chandelier is ideal for adding an Old World ambiance to any room. Originally designed for candles and to be used in a church, this solid brass chandelier has been cleverly converted to electric lighting by our expert in-house...
$858   $2,450
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19th Century French Brass and Crystal Chandelier

Add a little glitz to any room with this elegant Napoleon III Period chandelier, wrought from solid brass and fitted with multiple-faceted crystals to create a superb play on light. Wired by our expert in-house staff, included in the price! Circa 1870s. Measures 37.5 x 27.5 in diameter including chain and canopy.
$1,990   $3,980
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19th Century French Crystal Chandelier

Salvaged from a luxurious French home. This 19th century crystal chandelier provided the magical prismatic ambiance to the home for over a century. The crystals are mounted on a brass frame to maximize the tantalizing play on light, resulting in a wonderful romantic illumination that will be a source of pleasure for your family for decades to come! Circa...
$1,540   $3,850
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Vintage Italian Crystal Chandelier

This elegant Vintage Italian Crystal Chandelier was cast in brass then fitted with a variety of cut crystal designs to create a special look, as well as play with the light via the prism effect.  The classic look has been popular for centuries, and nowadays we don't have to clean the soot from the candles off the crystals twice a year!  Perfect for adding...
$1,791   $2,985
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Antique Provincial Wrought Iron and Crystal Chandelier

This Antique Provincial Wrought Iron & Crystal Chandelier will add a touch of glamour to any room with a perfect blend of casual Country French charm and romantic modern lighting with opulence. Acanthus leaves adorn the riveted curving arms, ending in candlestick light fixtures, complete with faux drip wax covers. Elegant large antique hand-cut...
$2,388   $3,980
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Antique French Louis XVI Carved Wood Chandelier

Beautifully rendered from solid French walnut, this handsome Neoclassical chandelier features abundant style cues from the Louis XVI era, with scrolled arms and a complex central core that represents a remarkable feat of sculpture. Wired to US Standards, nothing adds ambiance like antique lighting!Circa 1900-1910. Measures 23H(37 w/chain and canopy) x 22...
$968   $2,150
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Vintage English Georgian Brass Chandelier

The tailored lines of the English Georgian style are evident in this handsome chandelier, cast in solid brass and given a patinaed finish. Elegantly scrolled arms add to the effect, and the original canopy is still intact. Circa early-mid 1900s. Fixture measures 24 x 26.5 in diameter; 39 tall with chain and canopy.
$908   $1,650
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Vintage French Louis XVI Bronze Chandelier

Cast to a wonderful degree of detail in bronze, survives with canopy as shown. Circa early 1900s. Measures 29.5 x 30 in diameter; 37.5 with chain & canopy.
$1,619   $2,490
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Vintage Louis XIV Carved Wood Chandelier

Astounding detail can be found in every square inch of this wonderful example of the wood sculptor's art! Eight festooned, scrolled arms are mounted to provide excellent illumination, enhanced by the intricate shape and carved detail of the central shaft. Wired to UL Standards to provide decades of enjoyment. Circa early 1900s. Measures 22 x 40 in diameter
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Nautical Wrought Iron Chandelier

Featuring amazing detail, wrought from red-hot iron by a master metalsmith, this Nautical Wrought Iron Chandelier boasts a galley under full sail at the center, and intricate scrollwork that truly reflects the talents of the artisan who created it.  Fully wired and ready to hang, it comes with its original chain and canopy. Circa early 1900s Measures...
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French Baroque Giltwood Chandelier

Originally designed for candles, this lovely Antique French Chandelier has been converted to electric lighting.  It has been hand-carved with abundant Baroque motifs and given a gilded finish, perfect for adding an incredible Old World ambiance to your room. Circa 1880s. Measures 33H x 24 in diameter 
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Art Decochandelier Alabaster Chandelier

The French invented the Art Deco style, of course, so naturally there were variations on the theme in the country.  This  Alabaster Chandelier is carved with Louis XVI-inspired motifs that appear through the translucent stone when lit. Circa 1930s. Measures 32H x 16 in diameter
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19th Century French Louis XIV Bronze Chandelier

Cast to an exceptional degree of detail from solid bronze and brass by master French artisans with a nod towards the grandeur of the reign of Louis XIV, this stunning 19thth Century gas chandelier boasts visual appeal even when it's not illuminated! Painstakingly rewired in US. Nothing adds ambiance like antique lighting!  Circa 1860. Measures 31 by 25...
$1,975   $3,950
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Antique Italian Giltwood Chandelier

Sculpted from Italian walnut, then given a gesso and gold finish which has attained a lovely patina, this chandelier will be perfect for the salon, bedroom, or hallway. As is the case with all our antique lighting, it has been wired to UL Standards by our expert in-house staff, included in the price! Circa early 1900s. Fixture measures 35 x 23 in diameter.
$1,125   $2,250
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Carved wood chandelier

Carved wood chandelier Measures 28H x 20 in diameter Circa 1910
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Painted chandelier

Painted chandelier Measures 32H x 26 in diameter Circa 1910

Giltwood chandelier

Giltwood chandelier Measures 32H x 26 in diameter Circa 1910
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Empire crystal chandelier

Empire crystal chandelier Measures 46H x 34 in diameter Circa 1930
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Bronze & crystal chandelier

Bronze & crystal chandelier Measures 21H x 17 in diameter Circa 1930
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