Antique Chandeliers

Often the first thing one notices upon entering a room, centered and serving as the primary source of light, is the antique chandelier. From masterpieces in bronze to rustic wrought iron, antique chandeliers provide a singular design statement as well as illuminate the room. Some carved wood antique chandeliers are particularly intriguing.


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Antique Wrought Iron & Crystal Chandelier

Combining the casual Country French elegance of hand-wrought iron with the opulence of cut crystals, this chandelier has it all! Graceful acanthus fronds embellish the main body and arms of the chandelier along with the crystals, and have been highlighted in gold for a wonderful visual effect. Nothing adds ambiance like antique lighting! Circa early...
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Antique French Louis XVI Bronze Chandelier

Cast to an exceptional degree of detail in solid bronze, this chandelier is lavished with classical motifs from top to bottom, all in high relief to accentuate the graceful form of the chassis. Wiring to UL Standards included in the price! Circa early 1900s. Measures 37H x 28 in diameter.
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Art Decochandelier Alabaster Chandelier

The French invented the Art Deco style, of course, so naturally there were variations on the theme in the country.  This  Alabaster Chandelier is carved with Louis XVI-inspired motifs that appear through the translucent stone when lit.  Price includes wiring. Circa 1930s. Measures 32H x 16 in diameter
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Antique Louis XIV Painted Chandelier

Hand-carved in the manner of Louis XIV, then given a painted finish with gold highlighting that has achieved a lovely patina over the decades, this chandelier is perfect for the Paris Country or \"shabby chic\" look, and will provide a touch of Old World ambiance to any room. Painstakingly electrified for your enjoyment. Circa 1900-1910. Measures 30 x 27...
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Antique Louis XIV Giltwood Chandelier

The stunning lines of the baroque style that inspired Louis XIV when he created Versailles have been captured in solid hand carved wood with this superb chandelier, finished in gold for added opulence. Remarkably detailed, it survives with its original canopy. As is the case with all our antique lighting, it will be wired to UL Standards upon arrival...
$1,584.00   $1,980.00
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Antique Baroque Bronze & Crystal Chandelier

Perfect as the crowning jewel in an opulent room, this stunning Baroque chandelier was meticulously cast from bronze then lavished with faceted crystals of a variety of shapes to create a spectacular ambiance. As is the case with all our antique lighting, it will be rewired to UL Standards upon arrival stateside. Nothing adds ambiance like antique...
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Antique Provincial Wrought Iron & Crystal Chandelier

This Antique Provincial Wrought Iron & Crystal Chandelier will add a touch of glamour to any room with a perfect blend of casual Country French charm and romantic modern lighting with opulence. Acanthus leaves adorn the riveted curving arms, ending in candlestick light fixtures, complete with faux drip wax covers. Elegant large antique hand-cut...
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Forged Iron Chandelier

Forged Iron Chandelier Measures 38H x 30 in diameter
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VIntage French Baroque Giltwood Chandelier

Hand-carved with abundant Baroque motifs and given a gilded finish, this Vintage French Chandelier will add incredible Old World ambiance to your room.  Price includes new wiring. Circa early 1900s. Measures 33H x 24 in diameter 
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Vintage Art Deco Chandelier

Hand-crafted from solid brass and pressed, stained glass, this Vintage Art Deco Chandelier recalls the heady days of the Roaring Twenties, when the economy was booming and new styles in furniture, architecture and fashion were blossoming on a daily basis! Circa 1930. Measures 40H x 22W x 18.5D 
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Vintage Wrought Iron Viking Longboat Chandelier

Perfect for nautical and whimsical decors alike, this intriguing chandelier was wrought and hand-painted to resemble a Viking longship, and has been cleverly wired to UL Standards by our capable staff. An anchor holds the chains that support the piece, with more chain leading to the canopy above, all of which is included in the price! Circa early 1900s....
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Antique Cremaillere Iron Chandelier

Some clever Frenchman decided that the old cremaillere handed down from his ancestors that used to be used by the open hearth for cooking needed to be \"repurposed\", and this chandelier was born! A little judicious blacksmithing was required to adapt it to its new role, but the results are undeniably amazing! Wired to UL Standards, included in the price....
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Antique French Rustic Wrought Iron & Timber Chandelier

With arms that resemble hunting horns, this Antique French Rustic Wrought Iron & Timber Chandelier is the perfect choice for a casual, masculine look. Circa 1900-1910. Measures 34 x 43 x 24.
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Vintage Italian Carved Wood Chandelier

Carved to a level of magnificence by talented sculptors, this impressive chandelier features a complex styling and two tiers of carved arms that allow twelve lights on chandelles to shine forth into your room. Exquisite Louis XIV-inspired styling ensures that this chandelier will never go out of style! Circa early 1900s. Measures 33 x 35 in diameter.
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Antique Art Nouveau Bronze Chandelier

Imagine the skill required to fashion this elaborately contrived chandelier from solid bronze! The intricate scrollwork is a thing a beauty, with realistically portrayed flowers and leaf petals intermixed with the curvaceous scrollwork. The subtle Art Nouveau style influence meant that its creators wanted the design to transcend time and temporary...
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Antique Country French Wrought Iron Chandelier

The intricate scrolls of the components of this charming chandelier were meant to be just as visually appealing during the day as at night, with candlelight dancing across the room. Oversize piecrust bobeches were designed to catch errant dripping wax, so to wire the chandelier takes a bit of ingenuity, as we have done in our typical fashion, included in...
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Vintage Tuscan Wood & Iron Chandelier

Combining finely turned wood with gracefully scrolled iron arms, this vintage Italian chandelier will be the perfect choice for the casual, Tuscan or Country décor. Painstakingly wired to UL standards, included in the price. Circa early 1900s. Measures 35H x 36W x 25.5D; with chain & canopy 57H
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Vintage Wrought Iron Painted Chandelier

Vintage Wrought Iron Painted Chandelier survives with its original double chain and canopy! Circa early 1900s. Measures 27.5H (56.5 w/chain and canopy) x 41.5W x 22.5D
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Antique Brass & Crystal Chandelier

Add a little glitz to any room with this elegant chandelier, wrought from solid brass and fitted with multiple-faceted crystals to create a superb play on light. Wired to UL Standards by our expert in-house staff, included in the price! Circa early 1900s. Measures 37.5 x 27.5 in diameter including chain and canopy.
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Vintage French Louis XIV Brass Chandelier

Timeless detail, with completely new wiring included in the price! Circa early 1900s. Measures 27.5 x 27.5 in diameter.
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Vintage Carved Wood Chandelier

Vintage Carved Wood Chandelier features stunning detail. Price includes rewiring. Circa early 1900s. Measures 30H x 36 in diameter
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Antique Italian Wrought Iron Chandelier

Antique Italian Wrought Iron Chandelier features its original patinaed painted finish and a lovely Venetian flair! Circa 1900-1910. Measures 19.5 x 12 in diameter.
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Antique Antler Horn Chandelier

Cleverly crafted from horns collected after molting season, this chandelier makes the perfect choice for the rustic cabin or vacation home! Circa 1880s. Measures 28 x 29 in diameter.
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