Antique Chandeliers

Often the first thing one notices upon entering a room, centered and serving as the primary source of light, is the antique chandelier. From masterpieces in bronze to rustic wrought iron, antique chandeliers provide a singular design statement as well as illuminate the room. Some carved wood antique chandeliers are particularly intriguing.


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Grand Venetian Silver and Crystal Chandelier

Combining the richness of silver-plated patina with repose,chased brass then embelished with the sparkle of hand cut crystals, this elegant,romantic Venetian chandelier looks great even when it's not lit up! Painstakingly electrified to give you decades of enjoyment and European charm. Circa early 1900s. Measures 38H x 32 in diameter.
$3,842   $6,985
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19th Century Venetian Silver Plated Brass and Crystal...

Perfect for bedroom, bath or hallway, this Italian silver plated Venetian chandelier features a lot of style in a small package! The shimmering light cast through the prisms of the multi-faceted crystals will create a wonderfully colorful pattern on your walls. As is the case with all our antique lighting, it will ship newly wired, included in the price!...
$1,240   $2,480
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Vintage Wrought Iron and Wood Chandelier

This intriguing chandelier is a marriage of finely wrought iron and turned wood to create a superb Country French effect. Wired to UL Standards, it features some original chain and canopy, ready to hang in your favorite room. Nothing adds ambiance like antique lighting! Circa early 1900s. Measures 30.5 x 27 in diameter; 46.5 tall with chain & canopy.
$1,192   $2,980
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French Louis XVI Bronze Chandelier

Superb French Louis XVI Bronze Chandelier was cast to a wonderful degree of detail in solid bronze with della robia design, survives with the original canopy as shown. Circa early 1900s. Measures 29.5 x 30 in diameter; 37.5 with chain & canopy.
$1,370   $2,490
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Italian Chandelier

This classic Italian Wheat Chandelier simulates the grain in the field with metal, painted gold for a Tuscan accent. Fixture measures 16H x 13.5 in Diameter, Dimensions with chain & canopy upon arrival. Circa 1950s

Antique Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier

Designed for wax candles, this Antique Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier was forged from red-hot iron and features arms that remove from the main body to aid in cleaning off the dripped wax that tends to accumulate.  Cleverly electrified, it is the perfect choice for the casual or Country French decor! Circa 1800-1810. Fixture measures 22H x 33 in...
$1,650   $2,750
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19th Century Period Empire Crystal Italian Chandelier

Originally designed for candles during the waning years of the First Empire Style period, this stunning 19th Century Period Empire Crystal Italian Chandelier ~ with its graceful "sack of pearls" style, was signed by Designer G.Bonaudo of Torino, Italy.  Electrified to American voltage, it stands ready to beautify your home even when not lit, and when lit,...
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Wrought Iron Chandelier

This highly unusual Wrought Iron Chandelier features a styling that we've not seen before!  With a finely wrought arched center section, it features a variety of foliate embellishments and a bird's head form holding metal wreaths.  It comes with its original chain and canopy, too! Measures 23H x 38W x 19D, 36.5H With chain & canopy Circa 1930s
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French Louis XVI Bronze Lion Chandelier

Magnificently cast in solid bronze, this exceptional Antique Chandelier was crafted in the Louis XIV style, and features elaborate foliate adornment combined with the heads of lions gazing at the room below.  Survives with a few liks of chain and original canopy.Circa early 1900s. Measures 26.5H (38.5 w/chain and canopy) x 21 in diameter
$1,788   $2,980
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Vintage English Georgian Brass Chandelier

The tailored lines of the English Georgian style are evident in this handsome chandelier, cast in solid brass and given a patinaed finish. Elegantly scrolled arms add to the effect, and the original canopy is still intact. Circa early-mid 1900s. Fixture measures 24 x 26.5 in diameter; 39 tall with chain and canopy.
$825   $1,650
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Italian Rococo Brass and Crystal 16 Light Chandelier

Beautifully draped with hand cut crystals, this Italian Rococo Cast Brass 16 Light Chandelier was hand-crafted in Italy by master metalsmiths, and survives with a length of chain and its original canopy.  Fully electrified, it is the perfect choice for adding flair and ambiance to your room! Fixture measures 32H x 29 in diameter; 43H with chain &...
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Vintage Venetian Painted Chandelier

Hand-wrought from iron in Italy then given a multi-hued pastel painted finish by master Venetian craftsmen, this chandelier has been full wired and is ready to hang! Circa early -mid 1900s. Measures 22.5H (32H w/chain and canopy) x 19.5W in diameter
$2,587   $3,980
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Antique Italian Baroque Giltwood Chandelier

Hand-carved from wood by master Italian artisans, then given a gold finish that has achieved a lovely patina over the decades. The intricate baroque styling reveals the skills of the artisans and creates a timeless look. As is the case with all our antique lighting, it will be rewired to UL Standards upon arrival stateside. Nothing adds ambiance like...
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Grand Venetian Gilt Wood and Crystal Chandelier

Boasting a variety of mouth blown Venetian colored glass flower bells and clear crystal prisms, this intriguing grand Venetian crystal chandelier features a gilt wood center body and bobeches with forged iron scrolled arms to combine a variety of materials into an art form. This rare and romantic chandelier has ben beautifully restored and electrified to...
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Neoclassical Brass & Crystal

Featuring a variety of lead crystals in various shapes and sizes, this luxurious
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Vintage Louis XIV Wood Chandelier

Nothing adds ambiance quite like antique and vintage lighting, and this Vintage Chandelier, artfully carved from solid wood in the manner of Louis XIV, has been wired to UL Standards, and is the perfect choice for imparting an Old World accent to any room.  Look closely to fully appreciate the meticulous and artistic detail that the sculptor employed to...
$990   $1,980
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Vintage Italian Crystal Chandelier

This elegant Vintage Italian Crystal Chandelier was cast in brass then fitted with a variety of cut crystal designs to create a special look, as well as play with the light via the prism effect.  The classic look has been popular for centuries, and nowadays we don't have to clean the soot from the candles off the crystals twice a year!  Perfect for adding...
$1,493   $2,985
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Bronze & Crystal Chandelier

A variation on the "Sack of Pearls" concept, this diminutive Bronze & Crystal Chandelier is the perfect size for a cozy room, parlor or hallway. Measures 21H x 17 in diameter Circa 1930s
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Painted Wrought Iron Chandelier

This Vintage Painted Wrought Iron Chandelier is the perfect thing to add a Country French touch to your room.  Wired to UL Standards, it boasts faux wax candle sleeves.  The intricate scrollwork and acanthus leaf ornamentation create a lively look that will illuminate your room with flair and finesse! Circa early 1900s. Fixture measures 33H x 25 in...
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Forged Iron Chandelier

Forged from red-hot iron, this intriguing Country French Chandelier glorifies the rose, arguably one of mankind's favorite flowers!  Note the artistry with whick the sculptor has created the stems, leaves and of course the blossoms.  Twisted rods provide connecting points between the lower and upper hoop, all the way to the crown.  What a truly special...
$1,118   $2,795
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19th Century French Brass and Crystal Chandelier

Add a little glitz to any room with this elegant Napoleon III Period chandelier, wrought from solid brass and fitted with multiple-faceted crystals to create a superb play on light. Wired by our expert in-house staff, included in the price! Circa 1870s. Measures 37.5 x 27.5 in diameter including chain and canopy.
$1,990   $3,980
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19th Century French Crystal Chandelier

Salvaged from a luxurious French home. This 19th century crystal chandelier provided the magical prismatic ambiance to the home for over a century. The crystals are mounted on a brass frame to maximize the tantalizing play on light, resulting in a wonderful romantic illumination that will be a source of pleasure for your family for decades to come! Circa...
$1,540   $3,850
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Antique Provincial Wrought Iron and Crystal Chandelier

This Antique Provincial Wrought Iron & Crystal Chandelier will add a touch of glamour to any room with a perfect blend of casual Country French charm and romantic modern lighting with opulence. Acanthus leaves adorn the riveted curving arms, ending in candlestick light fixtures, complete with faux drip wax covers. Elegant large antique hand-cut...
$2,388   $3,980
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Antique French Louis XVI Carved Wood Chandelier

Beautifully rendered from solid French walnut, this handsome Neoclassical chandelier features abundant style cues from the Louis XVI era, with scrolled arms and a complex central core that represents a remarkable feat of sculpture. Wired to US Standards, nothing adds ambiance like antique lighting!Circa 1900-1910. Measures 23H(37 w/chain and canopy) x 22...
$968   $2,150
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