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From sprawling antique banquet tables to quaint and rustic antique breakfast tables, here is where you’ll find quality antique tables for every dining purpose in today’s home. Our antique dining tables have also been the choice of discriminating decorators for conference rooms, as well!


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Antique Rustic Draw Leaf Table

One of the earlier examples of this design, the draw leaf table remains very popular today as an ingenious solution to the dining room. Providing ample floor space and traffic accommodation for the room, nevertheless there are two leaves that draw out in an instant when extra guests are anticipated, then tuck back in just as quickly to reestablish the...
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Round Pedestal Table With Leaf

Round Pedestal Table With Leaf Measures 29.5H x 49 in diameter; top is 49 x 68.5 with leaf Circa 1890.
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Renaissance Draw Leaf Dining Table

Supported by two massive carved urn pedestals, this handsome Renaissance Style Draw Leaf Dining Table also boasts a bold fletching motif across the apron, and scrolled leg reinforcement on the "H" structure below.  Leaves draw out in an instant, then just as quickly tuck back in with this ingenious design.  Crafted exclusively from fine oak. Measures...
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Rustic Trestle Table

Rustic Trestle Table Measures 30H x 94.5W x 31.5D.
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Country French Oak Draw Leaf Table

Hand-crafted from fine old-growth French oak in Normandy to last for generations, this elegant Country French table features a finely crafted framework joined with pegged mortise & tenons, then carved with classic shell, floral and foliate motifs in a symmetrical pattern, even unto the double lyre stretchers below centered with a floral finial. Leaves...
$1,893   $3,785
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Rustic Farm Trestle Table

Hand-crafted from huge timbers of solid sycamore wood, this impressive farm table features heavy turned legs connected with an \"H\" structure large enough to be considered a trestle. Solid plank top ensures this table will still be around for the next couple of generations! Circa early 1900s. Measures 31H x 75W x 31D
$2,388   $3,980
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Antique Flemish Renaissance Table

Hand-crafted from old-growth oak with marvelous detail and carved lion's head corbels, this large table features a scalloped apron and huge oak turned pediment legs, cleverly connected by a modified "H" stretcher system which maximizes leg room while still imparting superb stability.  There are even bun feet strategically placed on the stretcher for...
$2,490   $4,980
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Vintage Spanish Walnut Table

Hand-crafted from Spanish walnut and fitted with parallel hand-forged iron stretchers connecting the bandsawn legs, this handsome table features a plank top that will provide decade after decade of enjoyment! Circa early 1900s. Measures 30.5D x 78.5W x 35D
$1,980   $3,300
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Vintage Rustic Trestle Table

Hand-crafted from solid planks of French white oak, this table with its bandsawn legs, trestle and buttresses will make the perfect choice for casual dining or perhaps a conference table. Circa early 1900s. Measures 31H x 88W x 36D
$1,590   $2,650
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Antique Italian Walnut Center Table

Hand-crafted from fine Italian walnut, this Antique Center Table features a round top with carved pedestal base which in turn is supported by four scrolled legs with elaborate escargot feet and floral, foliates and scrolls for a simple yet opulent Italian effect. Circa early 1900's. Measures 31H x 48 in diameter
$948   $1,895
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Vintage Country French Dining Table

Hand-crafted from solid French oak, this Vintage Country French Dining Table is long enough to seat eight comfortably, and even ten in a pinch! Circa early to mid-1900s. Measures 30H x 86.5W x 46.5D
$1,625   $3,250
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Antique Louis XVI Mahogany Table

Hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany, this superb table features tapered legs connected with lyre-shaped stretchers, accented on the inlaid apron with cast bronze rosettes. An inlay border appears on top, as well, called a \"French border\" for obvious reasons! An ideal candidate as a 21st century desk~ Circa 1890s. Sorry, No Leaves Available....
$570   $2,850
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Antique Louis XVI Walnut Table

Crafted from fine French walnut in the tailored classic style, this table will add a touch of elegance to any room. Cast bronze ormolu mounts on the corners of the apron and rosettes on the legs where the lyre-shaped stretchers join add a nice touch. Circa 1910. Sorry, No Leaves Available. Measures 29H x 53.5W x 40.5D
$825   $2,750
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Vintage Country French DOUBLE Draw Leaf Banquet Table

This highly unusual banquet table looks like an ordinary Country French draw leaf table ~ until you take a closer look! Underneath the parquet top lies four leaves that draw out, two on each side, supported by an apron that extends out as well, making this amazing table stretch to almost 14 feet in length! Hand-crafted from dense, old-growth French white...
$2,670   $4,450
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Baroque Banquet Table with Wrought Iron

Vintage Baroque French Oak Parquet Banquet Table features four original parquet leaves and beautifully sculpted side supports and hand crafted wrought iron inserts. Circa mid-1900s.  Measures 30H x 86.5W x 39.5D; opens to 116.5W and 147W with all leaves!
$2,490   $4,980
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Country French Walnut Draw Leaf Table

This Vintage Country French Walnut Draw Leaf Table is an excellent example of a design that has been around Europe for centuries, but most recently more appreciated.  The leaves are always there when you need them, and slide out or tuck back in in seconds as your needs require.Circa early 1900s. Measures 29.5 x 59 x 39; opens to 102.
$2,189   $3,980
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Antique Henri II Table

Perfect for the breakfast room or to use as a desk for your home office or study, or perhaps a computer table adjacent to your main desktop, this table was crafted from solid French white oak to last for generations! A restrained decoration theme consists of a subtly carved apron, simply turned and carved column supports atop a lightly decorated \"H\"...
$1,092   $1,985
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Antique French Louis XVI Painted Table

Stretching almost eight feet in length, this elegant table features classic Louis XVI styling with rosettes on the cornerposts above the tapered and fluted column legs, which are connected with a modified \"H\" stretcher that curves away from the edges to allow maximum footroom. Painted finish has achieved a lovely patina over the decades! Circa 1890s....
$3,839   $6,980
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18th Century French Walnut Trestle Table

Hand-crafted from solid planks of old-growth French walnut, this handsome table has proven it can stand the test of time! Sturdy side supports are strengthened by a beam trestle, with solid plank top able to withstand daily use by a busy family. Circa 1760s. Measures 29.5H x 79W x 30.5D
$2,691   $5,980
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18th Century Rustic Tuscan Dining Table

Hand-crafted in 18th century from old-growth Italian walnut harvested from the foothills of the Pyrenees, this Tuscan rare table exudes a rustic elegance owed to its intricately band-sawn supports, comfortably recessed and connected to the top via hand forged original iron stretchers, giving everyone plenty of leg room. Solid plank walnut top with...
$3,289   $5,980
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Country French Walnut Draw Leaf Dining Table

This excellent example of a design that has been around Europe for centuries was hand-crafted from fine French Walnut.  The Country French Draw Leaf Dining Table features a top suitable for six to eight when the leaves are retracted, and ten comfortably or even twelve in a pinch.  Leaves quickly tuck back in to reclaim floor space and open up the room....
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Vintage Rustic Trestle Table

Hand-crafted from solid planks of European white oak, this table was meant to last! Bandsawn side supports are connected with a heavy shimmed trestle. Solid plank top ensures that your family will enjoy the table for decades to come. Circa early 1900s. Measures 29.5H x 62.5W x 29D.
$588   $980
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Country French Draw Leaf Table

Beautiful balances of classic Regance and Country French design make this Liège table easily compliment any décor or dinner party. The romantic, rococo silhouette conceals two refractory leaves that slide out to accommodate a range of gatherings. Chose your perfect setting for holidays, birthdays or elegant entertaining—matching chairs bellow are offered...
$1,990   $3,980
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Art Nouveau Game Table and Chairs Set

The perfect breakfast set, or more enjoyably as a game table set, this Art Nouveau Round Table and 4 Chairs were beautifully sculpted from select French walnut with a foliate motif adorning the entire structures of each piece.  A faux finish on the top that is designed to look like leather is a great touch.  Faux leather "bomber jacket" upholstery on the...
$1,990   $3,980
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