Country French Buffets

Perfect for the casual décor, antique Country French buffets from Europe reflect the styles that evolved in the many different regions making it a pleasure to look for and choose just the right one. Usually made from indigenous woods, antique buffets come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and are no longer just for the dining room. View our antique tables and other décor such as antique chandeliers to pull your dining room together.


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19th Century French Louis Philippe Period Rustic...

Hand-crafted from indigenous French white oak then fitted with cast brass pulls and keyguards, this endearing little buffet exudes the tailored architecture of the Louis Philippe period while sustaining an elegant simplicity that allows it to merge nicely with a wide variety of decors. Three spacious drawers and two cabinets ensure functionality. Circa...
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19th Century Country French Stripped Oak Buffet

Ideal for any casual decor, this classic Country French Stripped Buffet was hand-crafted from solid oak, and carved with an unusual almost crown-like motif with appropriate flourishes, which is repeated on all three doors.  Called a trois porte enfilade in France, this example features brass pulls, keyguards and hinges, and is a wonderful yet somewhat...
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Vintage French Lower Brittany Buffet

Exquisitely hand-carved with a Country French stylization of the gothic manner, this Vintage French Lower Brittany Buffet is perfect for that Old World look! Circa early 1900s. Measures 45.5 x 70 x 22.
$1,594   $3,985
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19th Century Liegoise Country French Buffet

Sculpted in 19th century from solid French white oak by the master artisans of Liege, this elegant Country French style buffet boasts Regence-inspired carved detail executed to a degree of fineness and artistry that is a trademark for the region. Doors and drawers open wide to provide surprising storage for a relatively smaller piece. Cast brass pulls and...
$1,192   $2,980
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French Neoclassical Transitional Stripped Confiturier...

Hand-carved to perfection by talented artisans, this petite stripped oak Country French buffet, called a confiturier in France, features carved musical instruments on each door bursting with ribbons and romantic motifs, in deference to Queen Marie Antoinette, while the lower apron is scrolled and carved in the baroque manner, with carbed cabriole legs,...
$990   $1,980
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19th Century Antique Neoclassical English Pine Corner...

Drawing upon the architecture of ancient Greece, the artisans who built this stunning Antique Corner Cabinet from old-growth yellow pine knew a thing or two about craftsmanship! With an arched dome inside enhanced by a pair or arched glazed upper doors, it features surprising storage below, making a corner of your room both beautiful and productive! Circa...
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18th Century French Buffet a Deux Corps

This magnificent keepsake from the Louis XVI Period was hand-crafted to perfection by talented rural artisans who were following the style direction of the royal court. With its design rooted in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, it features spacious cabinets above and below, with an intriguing rounded center section above that opens to reveal a slim...
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19th Century Country French Buffet A Deux Corps

Handcrafted by rural artisans in 1830’s this Country French Buffet A Deux Corps will surely continue to stand the test of time! We discovered this rustic and charming Buffet A Deux Corps in the Normandy region of France. Styled with an elegantly crown molded cornice, intricate moldings and serpentine apron, crafted in the solid French oak - aged to a...
$1,988   $3,750
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Antique Country French Buffet a Deux Corps

Sculpted from fine French oak with elaborate details in glorious full relief, celebrating the bounty of God's blessings and the fruits of the earth, this gorgeous buffet a deux corps must be studied closely in order to fully appreciate its wonderful construction, joinery and of course, fantastic carved embellishment.  With a lower cabinet providing just a...
$3,491   $8,950
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Pair 19th Century Neoclassical Painted China Buffets

Also Priced $3950 Each! This Pair of 19th Century Neoclassical Painted China Buffets provide display via the nine glazed panes above, concealed storage in both upper and lower cabinets, and a generous serving surface to boot!  Beautifully hand-carved with floral and foliate motifs from top to bottom, they can still be acquired as of this writing as a...
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19th Century Country French Painted Buffet

Painted in the Chinoiserie style which was all the rage during the mid-19th century in Europe, this Antique Country French Buffet is a wonderful rare specimen of the genre, with scenes painted on each of the door panels as well as the sides, with complementary adornment on the cornerposts and drawer facades.  It is so amazing to find such an example with...
$4,886   $6,980
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19th Century Country French Pine Buffet

19th Century Country French Pine BuffetCirca 1840sMeasures 44.5H x 81W x 23D
$1,980   $2,750
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19th Century English Oak Buffet

The simplicity of the Jacobean style has long been popular, and this intriguing English Low Oak Buffet is under three feet in height, making it an ideal candidate for sofa table or under your flat panel TV, or perhaps a window. It also has great little pull outs on ether side for extra surface.Circa 1880sMeasures 33.5H x 63W x 16.5D
$990   $1,980
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19th Century French Buffet / Vaisselier

Hand-crafted from solid old-growth oak from the Lower Brittany region, this Antique French Vaisselier allowed a proud family to display their heirloom china and porcelain while still providing a large serving surface and abundant storage below.Circa 1850s. Measures 85.5H x 67.5W x 20D; buffet 37.5H
$4,788   $7,980
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Grand Country French Bressan Buffet / Vaisselier

Grand Country French Bressan GrandVaisselier represents the French solution to the all-in-one-piece which enables one to display a china collection, store and serve all from one piece of furniture. In classic Bressan Country French buffet flair with burl walnut panels and fruitwood casework, of course! Notice an amazing quality original hardware, all hand...
$2,272   $3,850
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Country French Buffet / Vaisselier

A bit narrower than most, this charming Country French Vaisselier is perfect for displaying your choice china or collectibles, while storing other items in the pair of drawers and cabinets below. Finely carved with florals, foliates and scrollwork. Circa 1900-1910 Measures 83H x 43.5W x 19D, surface 39.5H
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18th Century Country French Buffet / Vaisselier

Perfect for display, storage and serving! Circa 1760s. Measures 83.5H x 51.5W x 21.5D; buffet 35.5H
$2,793   $7,980
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Grand 18th Century Country French Buffet / Vaisselier

Grand 18th Century Country French VaisselierCirca 1880sMeasures 99.5H x 64 W x 24D; surface 42.5H
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19th Century Country French Buffet / Vaisselier

Country French oak vaisselier Measures 87H x 60W x 23D; Buffet 39H Circa 1870s
$1,725   $3,450
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Country French Oak Confiturier, Circa 1880.

Charming Country French confiturier is perfect for any niche!  Hand-crafted from solid European oak, it features subtle Provencal hand-carved embellishment and raised & recessed door panels coupled with scrolled apron and legs, ready to add Country French ambiance to any room. Measures 40.5H x 25W x 16D Circa 1880s
$656   $875
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19th Century Baroque Marble Top Buffet

Hand-crafted from solid old-growth oak, this handsome Antique French Marble Top Buffet boasts a bowed front contour, which is followed by the beveled marble above, with shell and foliate carvings dominating the cabinet and drawer fronts below. Boldly carved and molded, it has been stripped for a more casual effect, and yet is perfect for elegant and...
$3,887   $5,980
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19th Century Bressan Country French Buffet

Hand-crafted by the master artisans of Bresse from local fruitwood and burl walnut, this handsome 19th Century Country French Buffet features an opening for display nestled between two spacious cabinets and four drawers!  Forged steel pulls, hinges and keyguards add a nice touch.  Bresse is known for using burl woods in its paneling, making for a unique...
$1,770   $2,950
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19th Century Oak Store Counter

19th Century Oak Store Counter is finished on all four sides, with 12 drawers on one of them!Circa 1900Measures 33.5H x 59W x 26D
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Antique French Butcher Block Table

Fashioned from dense maple wood to last through daily commercial use, this Antique French Butcher Block Table is perfect for adding a Country French accent to your kitchen! Circa 1890s. Measures 35.5H x 30W x 29D.
$1,950   $3,250
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