Country French Buffets

Perfect for the casual décor, antique Country French buffets from Europe reflect the styles that evolved in the many different regions making it a pleasure to look for and choose just the right one. Usually made from indigenous woods, antique buffets come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and are no longer just for the dining room. View our antique tables and other décor such as antique chandeliers to pull your dining room together.


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19th Century Country French Buffet

Ideal for any casual decor, this classic Country French Buffet was hand-crafted from solid oak, and carved with an unusual almost crown-like motif with appropriate flourishes, which is repeated on all three doors.  Called a trois porte enfilade in France, this example features brass pulls, keyguards and hinges, and is a wonderful yet somewhat unusual...
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Country French Walnut Marble Top Buffet

Featuring graceful yet simple lines, this buffet will store enormous amounts of your china, crystal and flatware, all in inimitable Country French style! Topped with contoured and beveled sienna marble, it has been carved with shell and foliate for just the right amount of flair! Circa early 1900s. Measures 42 x 88 x 22.
$3,591   $7,980
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Late Art Nouveau Stripped Sofa Table / Buffet

Rendered from solid oak and given only the most subtle Art Nouveau styling, this sofa table / console / buffet is the perfect choice for the casual decor!  Four drawers, a cabinet, and even a display shelf add funtionality. Tres Chic! Measures 39H x 54W x 18D Circa 1895
$1,134   $1,890
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Antique Rustic Country French Painted Corner Cabinet

This Antique Rustic Country French Painted Corner Cabinet is perfect for making an otherwise "dead" corner productive with storage and a nice surface, all with a casual look that is perfect for a relaxed decor.  Distressed painted finish adds even more panache! Circa 1820s. Measures  43.5H x 50W x 29.5D; 36 corner to edge
$2,988   $4,980
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18th Century Country French Louis XVI Buffet

This late 18th Century Rustic Country French Cabinet dates to the Louis XVI period, and features elaborate hand-carved detail including flowing ribbon, laurel wreaths, laurel swags, a fasci down the center stile and a backsplash carved with the royal fleur de lys flanked by a torchere and caquois de fleche.  Original brass keyguards and hinges are a nice...
$2,448   $4,450
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Country French Confiturier

Carved with delightfully charming Country French motifs, this confiturier, or one-door buffet, is the perfect answer to tight spots or niches.  The drawer and cabinet provide surprising storage, and the hand-carvings add a wealth of visual appeal.  Hand-crafted from solid French oak to last for generations! Circa 1880s Measures 41.5H x 27W x 13D
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18th century Country French Weathered Oak Vaisselier

Utilizing the weathered, enduring beauty of an heirloom old-growth French white oak, the artisans of Lower Brittany crafted this 18th century Country French Vaisselier to last for generations, using techniques such as pegged mortise & tendon joinery, handed down by their forefathers. A simply contoured apron above complements the one below, following...
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Antique Country French Painted Confiturier

Given a \"shabby chic\" look by its painted finish, this Antique Country French Painted Confiturier, or one door buffet is ideal for a niche or special place. Circa 1880s. Measures 39.5H x 26.5W x 15.5D.
$1,348   $2,450
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Antique Country French Buffet

Featuring all the Country French flair you'll need for your favorite room, this buffet boasts cavernous storage and three stacked drawers at the center to provide superb functionality, all the while exuding provincial style compliments of the scrolled apron, foliates and cross-hatching on the doors and drawers. Brass pulls, keyguards and barrel hinges add...
$1,335   $4,450
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Antique Country French Buffet

Antique Country French Buffet, or trois porte enfilade, makes a great choice for any room with a casual décor! Circa 1880s. Measures 39.5H x 70.5W x 18D
$1,463   $3,250
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Antique Country French Buffet

Antique Country French Buffet hails from Normandie and is a typical example of the wonderful furnishings from that area. Circa 1880s. Measures 42.5H x 59W x 22D
$2,388   $3,980
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Antique Country French Painted Buffet

Antique Country French Painted Louis XVI 19th century Buffet adds a lightness to the room, while also providing an elegant surface and lots of storage! Circa 1840s. Measures 45.5H x 50W x 20D
$1,875   $3,750
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Antique Carpenter's Workbench

Perfect as a sofa table for your rustic decor, here is where skilled artisans created the antique furniture that may very well be in your own home! Giant wood and iron vise is still operational. Circa 1880s. Measures 28H x 93.5W x 28D
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Vintage Country French Walnut Buffet

Hand-crafted from fine French walnut, this buffet hails from the Loire valley and bears its style cues from the Baroque period ~ a favorite of Louis XIV. Boldly carved legs support the gracefully contoured and carved apron. Steel pulls, keyguards and hinges add a nice touch. Plenty of storage is to be had thanks to the four spacious drawers and two large...
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19th Century Country French Painted Cabinet / Confiturier

The one door buffet, or confiturier in France, is a great choice when space is limited. This Antique Country French Cabinet features a patinaed painted finish, and a drawer for added convenience. Tailored lines and brass hardware complete the look.Circa 1880sMeasures 45H x 30.5W x 23.5D
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18th Century Country French Buffet

From Normandie, France, comes this amazing Antique Country French Buffet, hand-carved to perfection with wildflowers, foliates and wheat, all of which exist in abundance in that fertile region of the country. Brass ferrures, hinges and drawer pulls complete the look.Circa 1850sMeasures 47H x 51W x 17.5D
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19th Century Baroque Marble Top Buffet

Hand-crafted from solid old-growth oak, this handsome Antique French Marble Top Buffet boasts a bowed front contour, which is followed by the beveled marble above, with shell and foliate carvings dominating the cabinet and drawer fronts below. Boldly carved and molded, it is perfect for elegant and carefree entertaining!Circa 1890sMeasures 42H x 91W x 23D
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Country French Confiturier

Crafted in a simplistic Country French style, this fruitwood Confiturier was designed to hold preserves, jellies and jams, and makes a perfect accent piece with a modicum of storage. <>br>Circa 1900-1910 Measures 35.5H x 29.5W x 17D

Country French Confiturier

A most versatile piece, the Antique French Confiturier was a good idea in the beginning, and remains so hundreds of years later! Everyone has a little niche or a cozy spot to put one in. Circa early 1900sMeasures 36H x 23.5W x 15D

Antique French Butcher Block Table

Fashioned from dense maple wood to last through daily commercial use, this Antique French Butcher Block Table is perfect for adding a Country French accent to your kitchen! Circa 1890s. Measures 35.5H x 30W x 29D.
$1,268   $3,250
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Antique Country French Buffet

Hand-crafted by talented rural artisans to last for centuries, this antique Country French buffet features its original keyguards, barrel hinges and drawer pulls forged from steel. Circa 1890s. Measures 38 x 54 x 20.
$1,725   $3,450
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Louis XV Oak Buffet

This Antique Country French Buffet features styling inspired by the rococo movement that so enamored King Louis XV.  The tightly grained old-growth oak has been delicately carved with scrolls, acanthus flourishes and flowers, while solid brass hinges and keyguards complete the look. Circa 1900-1920. Measures 39.5H x 39.5W x 17.5D.
$990   $1,980
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19th Century Painted Confiturier

Country French Painted confiturier hand painted and bench made in 19th century. Original pained finish! Measures 40H x 30W x 15.5D Circa 1890s
$990   $1,650
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19th Century Grand Louis Philippe Period 6-Door Buffet

Crafted from solid cherrywood, this amazing Louis Philippe Period French Buffet stretches over eleven feet wide! The simple architecture of this piece enables one to more fully appreciate the sheer natural beauty of the wood. Ideal for blending with a wide variety of decors, it offers unprecedented storage as well. Circa 1850s Measures 41.5H x 136W x 26D
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