Country French Buffets

Perfect for the casual décor, antique Country French buffets from Europe reflect the styles that evolved in the many different regions making it a pleasure to look for and choose just the right one. Usually made from indigenous woods, antique buffets come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and are no longer just for the dining room. View our antique tables and other décor such as antique chandeliers to pull your dining room together.


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Antique Liegoise Buffet

Hailing from the French city of Liege, now located within the borders of the relatively recently created country of Belgium, this Antique Liegoise Buffet is indicative of the high quality of furnishings that have been produced in the region for well over two centuries!  Sculpted from dense, old-growth oak, it has been carved in the Regence manner for a...
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Corner confiturier / vaisselier

Corner confiturier / vaisselier Measures 79H x 26.5W x 14.5D Circa 1870
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Country French Painted Buffet

This handsome Country French buffet was crafted in Normandy, France from solid white oak to last for generations and is just the right size to store all your china, crystal and flatware, even table linens. Original solid steel hinges, drawer pulls and key guards add an authentic touch to enhance the floral and foliate bas-relief carvings. The step-front...
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Antique French Buffet from Brittany

Antique French buffet from Brittany with all the charm of Brittany rendered in indigenous old-growth French oak in its natural beauty! Circa 1880s. Measures 37H x 59W x 21.5D
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Rustic Grand Oak Buffet

Benchmade from solid oak, this massive buffet stretches almost ten feet in width, and features corbels providing an oversized dentil molding under the spacious serving surface.  Simply molded door panels, four of them in count, are mounted with forged iron hinges which complement the drawer pulls.  Simplistically tailored architecture completes the look....
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Late Art Nouveau Stripped Sofa Table / Buffet

Rendered from solid oak and given only the most subtle Art Nouveau styling, this sofa table / console / buffet is the perfect choice for the casual decor!  Four drawers, a cabinet, and even a display shelf add funtionality. Tres Chic! Measures 39H x 54W x 18D Circa 1895
$1,134   $1,890
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Antique French Art Nouveau Buffet

Combining the unique flair of the movement yet retaining a casual effect, this Antique French Art Nouveau Buffet is perfect for any décor!Circa 1890-1900. Measures 41H x 49W x 20.5D
$894   $2,980
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Antique Country French Buffet

Hand-carved with a definite Regence flair, this handsome Antique Country French Buffet is perfect for the casual décor, affording copious storage in the bargain! Circa 1900-1910. Measures 38.5H x 75W x 18D.
$1,958   $4,450
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Antique French Butcher Block Table

Fashioned from dense maple wood to last through daily commercial use, this Antique French Butcher Block Table is perfect for adding a Country French accent to your room! Circa 1890s. Measures 35.5H x 30W x 29D.
$1,625   $3,250
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Vintage Country French Regence Style Buffet

Benchmade from solid French oak, this three-door Vintage Country French Buffet was carved in the Regence manner with shell, floral and foliate motifs, and offers the perfect compromise between serving surface, storage and style! Circa early to mid-1900s. Measures 40.5H x 77.5W x 23.5D
$1,983   $3,250
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Painted confiturier

Painted confiturier Measures 40H x 30W x 15.5D Circa 1890s
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Antique Country French Oak Buffet

Called a trois porte enfilade by the French, this step-front buffet bears all the classic line of a traditional Country French buffet from Normandy. Accented with original brass drawer pulls with guards, keyguards and hinges, then crafted from solid French oak, it boasts hand carved a flower basket on the contoured apron below which complements the...
$1,971   $4,480
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Vintage Country French Painted Buffet

Featuring unmistakable Country French lines yet rendered with a relative simplicity, this Vintage Country French Painted Buffet a/k/a a trois porte enfilade sports a patinaed painted finish. Circa early 1900s. Measures 42H x 83W x 22D.
$1,688   $3,750
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Provencal Country French Buffet

Lavished with hand-carved olive branches, shell and foliate motifs, this handsome Antique Country French Buffet will make an ideal choice for any room, almost any purpose! Circa 1890sMeasures 40H x 57.5W x 22D
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Country French Confiturier

A most versatile piece, the Antique French Confiturier was a good idea in the beginning, and remains so hundreds of years later! Everyone has a little niche or a cozy spot to put one in. Circa early 1900sMeasures 36H x 23.5W x 15D

Vintage Country French Buffet

Benchmade from solid French oak, this Vintage Country French Buffet was carved in the Regence manner for a nice classic touch.  The perfect size for a cozy nook or to accompany the rest of the set! Circa early 1900s. Measures 41H x 51W x 19.5D
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Directoire cabinet

Directoire cabinet Measures 31H x 35.5W x 19D Circa 1820
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Country French cabinet

Country French cabinet Measures 32H x 25W x 13D Circa 1860

Country French confiturier

Country French confiturier Measures 40.5H x 25W x 16D Circa 1880s

Regence walnut marble top buffet

Regence walnut marble top buffet Measures 41H x 54.5W x 19.5D Circa 1890s
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Provencal walnut buffet

Provencal walnut buffet Measures 41.5H x 64W x 23D Circa 1880
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18th Century French Rustic Buffet

This antique 18th century Country French buffet was hand-hewn from local walnut around 1795, most probably as a wedding gift. Designed for storage, pure and simple, yet so charming relic of true Country French antique design. The buffet features two doors and as many drawers, with a minimum of embellishment for a perfect rustic look. Mitered cornerposts...
$1,912   $4,780
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Antique Country French Buffet

Featuring an intriguing arbalette center section which houses three spacious drawers, this antique Country French buffet also boasts two cavernous cabinets on each side with simplistic molded detail, making this an excellent choice for the understated elegance of the Provencal style. Four scrolled legs and a finely contoured and molded apron add a nice...
$1,791   $3,980
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Italian Piemontese Walnut Buffet

This Grand Italian Piemonte Region Walnut Buffet is a product of the master craftsmen of Northern Italy!  Crafted from solid planks of walnut harvested from the foothills of the Alps, this Italian grand table features timeless Italian styling, with peculiarity spacious cabinets and a step-front center section that has open display shelves on each side....
$3,887   $5,980
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