Antique Bookcases

During the 18th & 19th centuries a formal education was incredibly expensive and beyond the reach of the vast majority of the populace. Books were similarly expensive, as was the cases to store them. For this reason the antique bookcase, or bibliotheque in France, is not common at all. However, with our buying power, we are able to obtain a wide variety of antique bookcases for your enjoyment and daily use, transforming a room, office or library into a special place that reflects your style and refinement.

We have multiple options to choose from with many on display at our two antique stores that boast over 50,000 square feet of retail space. Our antique bookcases will immediately add that touch of elegance in any space and will complete the overall design of a room in an instant. No matter the style, color or finish you choose, you can trust Inessa Stewart's name for the highest quality antique bookcase. Did you know Inessa hand-selects every single antique item? With 24 years of experience in the business, Inessa is an expert when it comes to antique furniture. Please contact us if you have any questions about our selection.


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Antique French Louis XVI Triple Armoire

Benchmade from prized mueche mahogany, this stately Antique French Louis XVI Triple Armoire features classical styling and architecture.  Step-front center section adds visual intrigue from any angle, with tapered and fluted columns on each cornerpost for trim.  Bold Greek wave motifs on the crown and base are accented by the laurel wreath with foliates...
$4,788   $7,980
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Renaissance Desk & Bookcase Set

Carved with elaborate Renaissance Revival motifs on the cabinet panels, this handsome desk and bookcase set are perfect for an Old World touch!  The beveled glass door at the center of the bookcase is framed by “side lights”, then by the beautifully carved cornerposts and door panels.  Bold molding above and below completes the look.  The desk is a...
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PAIR Country French Regence Bookcases

Yes, it's a PAIR of Country French Bookcases! Hand-crafted from solid oak to last for generations, each has a boldly arched crown centered with a shell cartouche overlooking a dozen panes of glazing below, with carved panels under the glazing. A beautifully scrolled and carved apron with scrolled legs provides support.Circa early 1900sEach measures 89.5H...
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Grand 19th Century English Open Bookcase

Hand-crafted from a selection of indigenous oaks, this handsome English Bookcase was designed on a grand scale for a grand home!  Two tiers allow one to put larger objects or books below.  A railed crown above is flanked by two carved spire finials, with a pair of spiral fluted columns below flanking the lower tier. Circa 1880s Measures 97H x 74.5W x 16D
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English Style Painted Bookcase

Enchanting antique silhouettes with simple lines and rich patina painted finish infuse your space with the ambiance of an old English library, a George III style painted mahogany bookcase from Heldense, of Holland, still in business today and known for their classic English style furniture. It has been refreshed with a painted finish that is quite current...
$1,497   $2,495
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Mid-19th Century French Gothic Display Armoire

Created by master artisans during the mid-19th century revival of the timeless Gothic style, this Antique Armoire features tailored architecture with finely detailed embellishments from crown to base!  Eight linenfold panels on each side make it attractive from any angle.  The original beveled glazing on the doors provide an ideal setting for your...
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19th Century French Louis Philippe Bookcase / Commode

Hand-crafted from rich, mahogany, this rare elegant 19th century French Louis Philippe bookcase departs from the norm by the addition of four drawers below the upper glazed tier, which also sports a full width drawer! Bookmatched flame mahogany on the façade adds sheer naturalistic beauty, while the tailored molding provides an apt framework above and...
$2,990   $5,980
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Renaissance Bookcase

Renaissance Bookcase Measures 99H x 45W x 22.5D; surface 37.5H Circa 1870.
$2,988   $4,980
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Antique French Napoleon III Period Rosewood Armoire

Crafted during the golden age of furniture crafting in France at the capital itself in Paris, this impressive armoire was created from the king of furniture woods, rosewood, imported from the rainforests of the Americas and made into what many connoisseurs consider the finest furniture ever made! The wood is so special and hard that it resists the very...
$2,490   $4,980
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19th Century French Louis XVI Mahogany Armoire

Featuring stunning mueche mahogany with bronze ormolu in the classic Louis XVI style, this impressive Antique Triple Display armoire has been festooned with luxurious cast bronze ormolu mounts.  Show off your cherished family possessions or a special collection in style!  The mueche mahogany was discovered only after the wood was milled, and due to its...
$5,910   $9,850
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Grand English Bookcase

This stately bookcase hails from England, and features carved embellishment inspired by the Renaissance.  Motifs range from Norsemen to floral and foliates, carved across the crown and on the lower casework.  Interestingly, the glazed doors above slide back and forth for access without the use of hinges.  Measures 103.5H x 86.5W x 23D Circa 1860.
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19th Century French Walnut Vitrine

This elegant Antique French Vitrine was hand-crafted from select French walnut and features 16 original beveled panes and exquisite hand-carved detailing. Circa 1890s. Measures 74.5H x 64W x 15.5D.
$2,587   $3,980
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19th Century Country French Rococo Bookcase with Drawers

Using subtle Rococo styling, the artisans who crafted this intriguing Antique Country French Bookcase chose to put three drawers below rather than the traditional cabinet. The boldly arched chapeau de gendarme cornice overlooks the 20 panes of glazing below, with just a modicum of carved accents appearing on the chest below. Brass hinges, keyguards and...
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19th Century Renaissance Bookcase

The excellent bas relief carvings of the grape harvest define this impressive Antique French Renaissance Bookcase, with more exceptional carved detail from the crown to the base. Corbels and acanthus rosettes combine with fruit motifs on the cornerposts to provide a framework for the glazed door with finely molded frames above, to the carved doors...
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19th Century Renaissance Bookcase

With exceptional full relief carvings of game harvested during the hunt, this impressive Antique French Renaissance Bookcase boasts more exceptional carved detail from the crown to the base. Corbels and acanthus rosettes combine with fruit motifs on the cornerposts to provide a framework for the glazed doors with intricately molded frames above, to the...
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Louis XVI Barrister's Bookcase

Louis XVI Barrister's Bookcase Measures 52.5H x 83W x 19D Circa 1870.
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19th Century Country French Louis XVI Bookcase

Finely crafted from solid oak to last for generations, this handsome Louis XVI-inspired Country French Bookcase features hand-carved floral baskets below, banded wheat on the cornerposts, and an abundance of provincial charm!Circa 1890sMeasures 79H x 44W x 22.5D
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19th Century Rustic Etagere (open shelf unit)

Ideal for the casual interior, this Antique Rustic Shelf Unit, called an Etagere by the French, features hand-hewn oak and simple styling for a clean, uncluttered look. Circa 1860s Measures 62H x 38W x 9D

Grand 18th Century Country French Bookcase

We always consider ourselves fortunate when we come across antiquities from the 18th century, but especially so with this stunning Grand 18th Century Country French Bookcase!  Hand-crafted from dense, old-growth oak in the manner of Louis XIV, it features incredibly detailed molding especially on the crown, which follows the contours of the mitered...
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19th Century Rustic Country French Bookcase

Antique Rustic Country French Bookcase is perfect for the casual décor, and hand-crafted from solid old-growth French weathered oak! Circa 1830s. Measures 84.5 x 54.5 x 21.
$1,958   $4,450
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Antique Faux Bamboo Bookcase

To meet the demands of the Oriental craze that swept over Europe in the second quarter of the 19th century, furniture makers created objects such as this Antique Faux Bamboo Bookcase from local woods, simulating the bamboo with indigenous maple, pine, and beech.  This example will make a great choice to blend with a decor accented by Oriental design, and...
$1,650   $2,750
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Renaissance Revival Bookcase

Fashioned from solid oak in the timeless Renaissance style, this impressive bookcase was produced during the revival that occurred in the early 1900s.  Linenfold panels below the elaborate rosettes on the  upper door panels also flank an intriguing carving on the center cabinet door which is positioned under open shelving.  Framed by foliate carvings...
$990   $1,650
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Antique Grand English Mahogany Bookcase

This Antique Grand George III Style Mahogany Bookcase was hand crafted from in late 19th century England, as a revival of the18th century style. In the upper section, the two large doors are each set with a distinctive pattern of individual wooden glazing bars that enclose thirteen separate pieces of antique rolled glass notable for its wavy reflection....
$3,979   $6,980
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Antique Louis XVI Mahogany Display/Vitrine

Crafted from exotic mahogany, this stately antique English vitrine will store and display your finest with aplomb! Subtle carved accents of floral swags and rosettes provide visual appeal, along with the architecture which includes an oval main glass pane. Perfect as a bookcase, as well. Circa 1900. Measures 77.5H x 48W x 13.5D.
$996   $4,980
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