Antique Bookcases

During the 18th & 19th centuries a formal education was incredibly expensive and beyond the reach of the vast majority of the populace. Books were similarly expensive, as was the cases to store them. For this reason the antique bookcase, or bibliotheque in France, is not common at all. However, with our buying power, we are able to obtain a wide variety of antique bookcases for your enjoyment and daily use, transforming a room, office or library into a special place that reflects your style and refinement.


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Antique Henri II Walnut Bookcase

Rendered in sumptuous French walnut, this Antique Henri II Bookcase features open shelving sandwiched between glazed display above and boldly molded cabinet doors below.  The moldings on the entire piece are impressive, and are accented by a total of eight columns.  The simple, classic lines ensure it will blend with most any decor. Circa 1870s....
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Wrought Iron Demilune Baker's Rack

In a lovely departure from the normal rectangular design, this wonderful Wrought Iron Demilune Baker's Rack has been trimmed in brass and boasts a lot of flair, indicating it was probably special-ordered for a particular baker!  Note the wheat motif painted gold at the top. Measures 66H x 36W x 20D Circa 1880s
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Antique French Walnut Display Armoire

This impressive armoire was crafted in the timeless Gothic style to a very subtle degree, with full length spiral-fluted columns and beveled glazing on the doors, plus linenfold motif on the drawer below. The oldest formal French style extant, this splendid armoire represents a truly timeless Old World effect! Circa 1870s. Measures 103 x 66 x 23.5.
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Pair Louis Philippe Mahogany Bookcases

Pair Louis Philippe Mahogany Bookcases Measures 95.5H x 54.5W x 21D.
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Renaissance Revival Bookcase

Glorifying mankind's accomplishments in Music and Art, this stunning bibliotheque was hand-crafted during the Renaissance Revival of mid-19th century France.  Intricate detail abounds from the crown molding to the bonnet, completely surrounding the arched glazing on the doors (which are framed by tapered and fluted columns), down to the full-width drawer...
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Antique Grand Empire Style Bibliotheque/Secretaire

It was difficult to conceal our excitement when we discovered this museum-quality antique secretary from the Napoleon III Period! Unique in its design, materials and execution, one can only marvel at its many wonders. Crafted exclusively from expensive imported mahogany, it was styled in the manner of the First Empire in honor of Napoleon III's uncle,...
$9,800.00   $16,800.00
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Pair Italian Baroque Painted Bookcases

Yes, that's right, this is a pair! Crafted in the Italian Baroque style, each of these open bookcases features a wonderful patinaed painted finish highlighted in gold to accentuate the carved detail down each cornerpost, across the base and of course the crest and foliates across the heavily molded, arched crown. Add symmetry and beauty at the same time...
$3,990.00   $7,980.00
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Antqiue French Directoire Style Bookcase

Display above and storage below in a tailored, classically styled case rendered from French walnut. Circa 1890s. Measures 78.5 x 56.5 x 20.
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Gothic Bookcase

This incredibly well-preserved Antique Gothic Bookcase has a Dutch parable inscribed in gold across the crown that translates roughly to "One gets the greatest satisfaction out of one's own accomplishments".  Beautifully carved in the timeless style, it features linenfold panels on the doors below, geometric styling on the drawer facades, a finely carved...
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Antique French Louis Philippe Bookcase

Hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany, and fitted with bookmatched flame mahogany on the lower cabinet, this bibliotheque makes the perfect addition to your home office, library, or main office. This piece featues a concealed desk-top complete with an embossed leather top. A full width drawer appears above the cabinets below, which are flanked by...
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Antique French Louis XVI Bookcase

Forty pane display crowned with dentil molding and chamfered panels below adorned with large and small rosettes, with a much character thanks to the exquisite patina on the old-growth French white oak, this antique French Louis XVI bookcase adds functionality with Neoclassical eligance! Circa 1840s. Measures 92.5H x 60.5W x 21D.
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Vintage Sheraton Corner Bookcase

Only rarely do we find Antique Corner Bookcases in this fantastic state of preservation!  This example was hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany and features satinwood and boxwood marquetry inlay, a curved façade and diamond shaped glazing.  Such pieces are not only ideal for displaying your most cherished family heirlooms, they also utilize an...
$1,974.00   $3,290.00
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Pair Italian Renaissance Bookcases

Sculpted by master Italian artisans from solid walnut, this impressive Pair of Antique Italian Renaissance Bookcases are perfect for adding symmetry to any room!  Lion's paw feet support the boldly molded base, leading the eye to the drawer facade lavished with foliates and winged lions in full relief.  The finely carved cornerposts which flank the...
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Grand 18th Century Louis XIV Bookcase

We always consider ourselves fortunate when we come across antiquities from the 18th century, but especially so with this stunning Grand 18th Century Louis XIV Bookcase!  Hand-crafted from dense, old-growth oak, it features incredibly detailed molding especially on the crown, which follows the contours of the mitered corners below.  Hand-rolled glazing on...
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Antique Mahogany English Bookcase

This antique English mahogany bookcase was hand-crafted and designed with tailored lines, making it perfect for the elegant décor! Circa 1860s.Measures 80.5H x 77W x 19.5D
$3,870.00   $6,450.00
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Renaissance Bookcase

This splendid Antique French Bookcase, rendered from solid oak during the Renaissance Revival, still boasts its original patterned, stained glass.  Beautifully carved from the arched crown and finials above the crown molding down the tapered, fluted & carved columns to the full relief work on the lower door panels, and even on the drawer facade below....
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Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Triple Bookcase

Sculpted in Paris from select blonde solid walnut, this elegant antique French Neoclassical bookcase will add a classical air to any room. The tailored and gracegul design of the upper glazed tier with four bold finials across the multi-tiered crown contrasts with the finely carved bas relief of the three door panels below, under which appears a fluted...
$5,988.00   $9,980.00
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Antique Louis Philippe Buffet A Deux Corps

The Louis Philippe period ushered in a period of austerity, a fact not lost on the burgeoning furniture industry in France.  This Buffet A Deux Corps which can also double as a bookcase, or bibliotheque, was hand-crafted in the restrained style of the period from indigenous walnut, and features wraparound shelving in the upper tier for display/storage of...
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Antique English Mahogany Bookcase

Antique English Mahogany Bookcase was hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany with display above and capacious storage below. Carved shell on the feet adds a nice touch. Circa 1900-1910. Measures 92H x 74W x 22.5D.
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Vintage Louis XVI Triple Bookcase

Hand-crafted from dense, quarter sawn French white oak, this stately triple bibliotheque exudes the classic style of Louis XVI, with chamfered panels flanking the center cabinet with beveled glazing that are accentuated with relief carvings of cornucopias and torchers. Carved capitals on the mitered corners lead the eye down to the tailored base with bun...
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French Louis XVI Bookcase

French Louis XVI bookcase with display above and storage below, the perfect piece for most any room! Exquisite flame mahogany veneer on the drawer facades. Circa mid - 1900s. Measures 71H x 46W x 18.5D.
$792.00   $1,980.00
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Vintage Gothic Bookcase/Display Buffet

Hand-crafted exclusively from solid French white oak, this handsome cabinet will make an excellent choice as a bookcase as well! Timeless Gothic styling and generous proportions provide a nice display area above behind leaded glass with excellent storage below and a raised effect that is visually attractive from any angle. Hand-carved panels on each door...
$998.00   $2,495.00
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Antique Louis XVI Display Armoire

The stately architecture of the Louis XVI style was derived directly from classical Greek and Roman antiquity, and will remain in style for as long as mankind will need furniture! This example, with step-up center section, features generously sized beveled glazing framed by tapered & fluted columns topped with fluted corbels. Demilune shell motif on...
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Antique Louis XVI China Buffet / Bookcase

Dating back to 1880, this lovely Neoclassical china buffet / bookcase creates elegant storage and display for kitchen, dining room or any room where you want to showcase a collection. Elegantly carved cabinet top features glazed top with original hand rolled glass, which provides ample space for showcasing plates, books and other collectibles. Below, the...
$1,595.00   $2,250.00
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